Day 14: Accidents Happen

It was only an accident.

Katie didn’t mean to squirt that big blob of hand sanitizer out of the monkey-shaped bottle.  Maddie didn’t mean to have her hands dripping wet with banana-scented hand sanitizer when she grabbed the little book she was working on.  Nobody knew her wet hands would liquify the marker she had used to decorate the cover of the book.  When one of the girls set the book down on our brand new hardwood floors, they didn’t know the marker would drip off the book and stain the floors a bright red.

We scrubbed and we Googled and we sighed and we scrubbed some more.  We Googled again and tested this and tried that and scrubbed and, eventually, we just gave up.  The red stain taunts us from the middle of our entryway.  It rests unmoved, waiting to greet our visitors.

But we really weren’t mad.  It was only an accident.

When I walked into my bedroom later that evening and found this sign taped to my door, I smiled:


Sweet, sweet girl.  It’s okay.  It was only an accident.



19 thoughts on “Day 14: Accidents Happen

  1. Oh my. I am really liking the way one “accident” flows into the next in your first paragraph. And, the “monkey shaped bottle” and the “banana scented hand sanitizer” were perfect details to depict two little girls just having fun and doing the work of young girls. And the sign. Oh that sign! Complete with pictures! Sounds like someone will be making a trip to the store for a really pretty rug!

  2. I love the way you used short sentences mixed with long. It went so well with the mood and tone of the piece. Poor baby really was sorry and unfortunately sometimes accidents just suck lol.

  3. Ah, children. They test our patience and our compassion. They make us better people. Sorry about your stain…that’s a shame. Hope you can find a solution somehow soon so the evidence is no longer there.

  4. This is so sweet. Your girls are dolls!!
    and sad about your new floor!! Maybe you can get creative and cover it up with a rug or something or like another comment said.. it might only be noticed by you guys!!

  5. Oh man…I’m not sure how I would have reacted in your situation…I love that you had a calm head and such patience in understanding that it was just an accident. My heart hurts a little for your brand new hardwood floors…

  6. Graciousness and kindness: These are the themes I take from this story about how much more important people are than things. Did you try Pinterest? Do the floors have a warranty?

  7. When those sorts of things happen, we call them adding character. The floor will wear and the stain will fade. However, your girls will always remember how you kept your cool. I do love the inserted sigh, though…sometimes all we can do is sigh.

  8. Oh man. That stinks. It’s hard to stay calm, but when you know it’s a true accident, what can you do? That really stinks about your floors though. That would drive me bonkers though. Ugh.

  9. Funny how those crazy little chain-reaction coincidences evolve into into its own thing. And it all likely started because somewhere across the world a butterfly flapped its wings right? I tend to tell people doing something precarious in my presence -such as drinking hot coffee from a paper cup on a moving train- “the word accident exists for a reason” in warning. In your case it really was a great, though unintended, lesson on how some accidents can happen.

    But awww, that darling note of apology, heart melt.

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