Day 13: Opening Day

There is a local ice cream shop in our town that closes for the winter.  It is one of little mom-and-pop shops with no indoor seating.  You walk up to the little window in the small brick building and place your order with the teenage girl standing inside.  She writes your order in a spiral-bound notebook and uses good old-fashioned addition by hand to get your total.  The other teenagers scurry about in the background, doling out soft serve ice cream and sprinkles to the waiting customers.  You find a seat at the picnic tables outside or you eat your ice cream standing amongst the peripheral of the building.  It is a community place, a landmark in our town.

And for Maddie and Katie, the opening of Ranch Frostie symbolizes spring and playing outside and visits to the park and after-dinner ice cream and family and everything good about life.

So, when it opened for the season yesterday, we had to go…

even though the temperature dropped almost twenty degrees in a few hours,

even though we had to wear winter coats,

even though is was almost too cold to eat ice cream.

We texted my sister and her family (who also live in the same town) and we got in our cars and we ordered our ice cream and we were happy.

Ranch Frostie


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24 thoughts on “Day 13: Opening Day

  1. It’s all about the tradition. I suppose if it was warm out that night your girls would have had that memory….but this memory is so much more….memorable! Right? This picture says to me – We are here no matter what because this is our tradition and it is important to us!

  2. Your repeating lines (even though..) at the end of this piece was a lovely way to bring it all together. Your descriptive way with words had me picturing every single part of this experience.
    You are one to learn from…

  3. The little mom and pop businesses that dot the landscape give a town local color, and as you write, offer symbolic meaning. I love the way you describe the ice cream shop. I love the list of “even though” reasons for going despite the cold. You have triggered some fond memories for me. And, I’d argue that every day is a good day for ice cream!

  4. I love the description of this old timey setting and tradition. Writing in a notebook? Adding by hand? I really wonder how they continue to keep the dated systems in place. However the case, I am sure it is deliberate. I can say that I do not know of a place like this anywhere around my town. So unique and cool. And no! Never too cold.

  5. That is something that they will remember forever. Our ice cream place was Rainbow Cone on the South Side. I still have to go there when I visit my parents. Your girls will probably so the same when they get older. There’s nothing better than sprinkles on your ice cream to brighten your day!

  6. NEVER!!!! Now I can’t wait for our creamy whip to open in town! 🙂 Nothing better than a little soft serve, even if it’s ffffrrrreeezzziiinnnnggg out ! 🙂

  7. The first day of spring means several local businesses have free ice cream or Italian Ice for the day. We always visit as many as we can – no matter how cold it is! It’s never too cold for ice cream!

  8. Nope, never too cold for ice cream is my vote!
    I love that you guys went no matter what. Keeping up with tradition is great! And I hope that is a sure sign that the springlike weather we are having sticks around for good.

  9. I feel such hope in your post. There is never such a thing as too early for ice cream.
    My favorite line:
    even though we had to wear winter coats,

    even though is was almost too cold to eat ice cream.

  10. Never too cold!!!! Love traditions – we have a few of those places here to. We have friends we always join to open and close the shop each year.

  11. It is NEVAH too cold for ice cream. My old neighborhood had a mom and pop diner where every year, on Easter Sunday, the gelato stand opened. It mattered not when Easter fell, nor did the weather matter. I went back two Easters ago and wanted to cry. The family, diner and thus the tradition were no more. Here’s lifting a cone to your traditions still going strong.

  12. Mmm! Never too cold for ice cream! My family is very big on ice cream… to the point that when my husband started dating me, he thought we got ice cream after every meal! 🙂

  13. This post made me think of a place near Evergreen where they sell rainbow cones. Ya know, the old school flavors all nicely packed into a cone. I love reading your daily Slice. It’s almost as if I’m right there with you. Very descriptive!

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