Day 12: Playing Teacher

Katie played school with her baby dolls.  Well, Katie doesn’t actually go to school yet, so I guess technically she was playing daycare.

She reas her babies a book, holding the book open so all the babies could see.  She set the babies up at stations so they could do pretend coloring and pretend Play-Doh and pretend water table.  She took them to the bathroom and patiently reminded them to wash away the germs.  She conducted Circle Time and sang a song with them.

But it was the babies’ nap time that gave me pause.

Katie carefully laid a soft blanket down for each doll.  She cooed gently in their ears and rubbed their backs until her babies had fallen asleep.  From baby to baby she went, rubbing and cooing.  When one baby had a hard time falling asleep, Katie picked her up and rocked her gently to and fro.  “Sssshhh, baby, it’s okay,” she whispered.  I watched from afar, marveling at Katie’s sweet words and tender touch.

Sometimes my girls do something unexpected or new, and I wonder where did they learn that from?

Not this time.  I know exactly where Katie learned it, and I am so thankful.

File_000 (5)

Katie putting her babies down for a nap





17 thoughts on “Day 12: Playing Teacher

  1. An excellent example of why play is so important for kids. I think I would have been a little teary-eyed watching, but I am overly sentimental sometimes.

  2. Your slice today, one word-precious! I’m sure your heart swelled because you knew exactly where she learned to be loving and caring!

  3. So sweet… made my heart melt! … a vivid reminder that teachers are role models are … a vivid reminder the importance of children’s “play” — it is how they learn!

  4. This post is so sweet, it kills me. Each little detail is rolled out in the most delicious way. Its remarkable how gentle she is and what care she takes to each step in this routine. It really does show that she values you and everyone who cares for her. It also makes me laugh when I think of the differences between boys and girls with this kind of play. Luke tosses his baby doll into its carrier head-first, dumps all the blankets he can find on it, and usually finds a Darth Vader or superhero toy to watch it sleep. He does sing to her sweetly the whole time, but it’s usually Star Wars or whatever song is stuck in his head that day. 😊 great pic too. She’s really gotten so big.

  5. You are lucky to have found such a great preschool teacher for Katie! She sounds simply amazing! Watching Katie play was such a loving tribute to her. This slice would make a lovely gift for her if you framed it.

  6. It’s so nice to know she’s seeing that at daycare and you know she is well taken care of. I often wonder exactly what happens when my kids are at daycare all day long. I hope things like this!

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