Day 3: Wherever I Am

Wherever I am, they are.

I might be in the kitchen cooking dinner… I’ll find them at my feet putting together a puzzle or playing dolls.

I might sit in the living room arm chair to read a magazine…they’ll tumble in to show me their latest Lego creation.

I might be in my closet digging for a shirt to wear to work tomorrow… they’ll come in to ask me where the pink ballet slippers are hidden.

Wherever I am, they are.

As I type these words in the quiet of my kitchen, they have suddenly appeared.  The table was empty only moments before but is now covered in coloring books and cups and the general stuff of children.

Wherever I am, they are.

File_000 (3)



33 thoughts on “Day 3: Wherever I Am

  1. What a delightful post that brings back memories! Treasure these moments. Now wherever I am, I seem to have a furry friend by my feet!

  2. So cute. I wonder if they even realize they keep showing up like that. I mean yes, of course they do when they’re hanging on you. But it also seems like such a subconscious act…need. Right?

  3. I love the simplicity and truth of this piece! They are there because you want them to be–and that’s such a beautiful thing! I know it’s one part of parenting little ones that I wish I could capture and keep going forever…

  4. Enjoy that they are with you. I have teenagers and now, wherever they are , I want to be! I do remember those days….hard to find your own space.

  5. Wherever I am…..there they are! Of course, because the attraction to you is a force of nature and a bond of love. My mother always used to tell me, “You should be very proud if your children always want to be with you.” She was a mother of eight. You should be very proud of your good mothering.

  6. I definitely know this feeling! This is especially true of my 2.5 year old daughter. Always wanting to be where I am. Always asking, “Mommy, will you play wish me?”

    Love the picture!

  7. Ah how I sometimes long for those days of them being where I am. I am looking forward to this weekend when we will all gather to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Now they will be where I am and bringing with them new little ones who are starting to fill that empty place.

  8. I love the craft you used. The repetition you used created the feeling of it happening all the time. The unpredictable nature of them popping up is predictable. Your craft brings that out. Enjoy — soon they spend time in their rooms ….

  9. Isn’t this the truth? My mom says someday — even though we can’t imagine it — they won’t be… I love that they want to intermittently join us; “Hey, Mom — just checking in because you’re one of my favorite people.” We can read it that way, right?

  10. Your short pieces pack an incredible punch. Now that I’m a dog owner, I somehow can understand the feeling. Except he’s the one bringing me MY slippers…Always inspiring to read your work.

  11. This totally struck a chord in my own life. My two little boys want so desperately to be independent but also cannot stand to be. I really enjoyed the minimalism you used to create the tension. Look forward to reading more!

  12. This is so true .This brought all the memories back of my early life. How i ran rear my mother, when i come from school i used to told her how was my day , when she was cooking i questioned her how she do this. this made me feel nostalgic

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