Day 4: Disappointment

“Mommy, my tooth came out!”

Finally.  That thing had been dangling in her mouth for days.  I smiled at the excitement on Maddie’s face and felt grateful to have witnessed the moment.

“I can’t wait to tell Miss Ashley!  Can I call Bama and tell her?  When I get to school, I get to hang a tooth on our graph.  I can’t wait for the Tooth Fairy to come!  I’m going to stay up tonight so I can see her.”

She was so excited.

So when I walked into her bedroom this morning to gently shake her awake, I was dismayed. Maddie was already awake, holding three dollar bills.  The disappointment hung in the room like a fog.

“Good morning sweetheart. Did the tooth fairy come?” I asked.

She nodded.

“What’s wrong?” I probed.

Maddie looked down at the money in her hand and shrugged.  “I thought I would get more money.”

I didn’t know what to say so I shrugged too.  Maddie got out of bed and we began our morning routine, each of us silent in our own disappointment.


I’m writing a Slice of Life Story every day for the month of March.  See other Slices at Two Writing Teachers.



20 thoughts on “Day 4: Disappointment

  1. Dana,
    I empathize with your disappointment. I had a similar experience…my daughter lost her 2 bottom teeth about the same time and the second time TF only gave a dollar. Disappointment similar to yours was how we started out the day too.

  2. Dana, $3 is more than our tooth fairy gives AND our tooth fairy forgot once (or twice) because there were so many kids that lost teeth. I love how you’re straight forward with your feelings in your writing.

  3. I loved your story, Dana. Your writing is honest and sincere – just the way writing should be. You write in a voice that is believable and trustworthy. A timeless theme – the tooth fairy! Certainly a big deal. It is wonderful if you can witness the surprise when your child awakens to discover the tooth fairy has been there to take the tooth and leave payment. When I was growing up, it was a quarter. Wow, I guess that really dates me!

  4. I laughed so hard when I read this! You totally had me thinking she was sad that her tooth was gone! I immediately had to read it to my husband too…thanks for the Friday morning chuckles😄

  5. What we consider important has a different value to others. Its not selfish its not greed its personal for it is our personal property and is worth far more than someone else can imagine. Safety and security.

  6. Ok …. who ruined the tooth fairy! We only gave $1. You did the right thing- my youngest is 14 even with inflation.. $3 is plenty!!! The tooth fairy also missed our house several nights…. she must have been very busy. I remember one morning we forgot and tried to sneak it in as we woke him up — didn’t really work! I totally get your disappointment — it is hard to parent with your values as your children begin to see how other families do things. Stay the course – they will appreciate your values in the end!

  7. You have a generous TF! My kids only got a buck, in the form of a dollar coin — that made it a little more special, maybe? And I totally feel your disappointment — but at least you didn’t forget — our TF has gotten sketchy over the years! We’re almost out of baby teeth around here.

  8. I really love how you ended this one – both in writing and in life. No lectures to little Maddie about the value of a dollar, etc. I also enjoyed the high to the low in this piece. That’s life, isn’t it?!

  9. Funny! My kids got a $1 coin. I remember getting 25 cents and thinking is was a wonder!

    I also remember a discussion with my son when he had teeth pulled. He told me he knew I was putting the money there and since this was painful he thought he should get a bit more. He had games he wanted to buy and just not enough money. He was hoping these pulled teeth would help out!

  10. Once, Santa disappointed. My son, age 5, asked to be magic for Christmas. When Santa left a huge trunk filled with magic tricks, Will was dismayed. “I guess he misunderstood,” he said. “I wanted to be magic, not get magic tricks.” Not sure how many hours I spent filling that trunk!!!! Thanks for capturing a moment that brought back some memories!

  11. Dana, I love this moment. Both of you thinking it would be one way, only to find another reality. And then you moved into that day with that reality in a grace filled way. Your daughter is very fortunate. Those three dollars and the lack of lecture that followed is worth volumes.

  12. Laughing, Dana. Something I will have to quiz my son about. (Now that the grandson has a tooth, wonder what his tooth fairy rate will be?) At any rate, Evan got $ .25 . . . but I do still have a few teeth!!!

  13. Such a relatable slice for me today–maybe because my oldest is now 13 and we’ve hit the point of many moments in which each of us is silent in our own disappointment. In fact, I called my mom today after dropping my daughter off at school to *once again* thank her for putting up with me during my teen years. 🙂 You are not alone!

  14. I have to say I have felt this disappointment. My boys wanted to keep all of their teeth. The tooth fairy brings a dollar for each tooth lost. She maxes out at $10.o0. The tooth fairy did this when she had one little boy to visit…now she has three.

  15. I love this story. Reminds me of when our daughter was losing teeth. One night she lost the tooth at her babysitter’s, where she spent the night once a week. The next day there was no reward from the tooth fairy at the babysitter’s, but when she got home, she found under her pillow a rather querulous note from Terry the Tooth Fairy, saying she couldn’t chase Christie all over town. She went back to her father and asked, very suspiciously, whether the tooth fairy was real. Even at age 7, she recognized the typewriter and tone of the note as her father’s.

  16. A www. Poor Maddie…and poor you! It’s been a while since I’ve had to worry about the tooth fairy. I guess I should start saving. Jennah will be due to lose her teeth and a couple of years.

  17. I can definitely relate to this feeling. On many occasions, I have been so excited about something I have bought or made or an idea I have come up with for my kids only to have them not like it or not get excited about it. The wind comes right out of your sails.

    I’m sorry she wasn’t more excited. What a bummer.

  18. Imagine the disappointment in myself when the tooth fairy doesn’t come. We couldn’t stay awake too much after the kids. We forgot, Went to bed, and of course she got up early to see her bounty. With some creative bed making…we found the booty. After a few years, I am sure she figured it out and busted us to her siblings.

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