Maddie and Katie are down the street playing at a neighbor’s house.  I dropped them off with a kiss and a hug and a reminder to be good.

I came home to tidy up the house, put dinner in the oven, and make myself a cup of coffee.  I have some work and some writing that I’d like to have finished tomorrow.  It feels strange to be alone in this quiet, quiet house.

I often wish for a moment of peace and quiet.  I wish I had an hour to myself.  I wish I could write and work in silence, without interruption.

Here I sit.  Peace and quiet.  An hour to myself.  Time to write in silence, without interruption.

I already miss their laughter and their silliness.  I miss their voices muffled from down the hall.  I miss Katie’s questions and Maddie’s hugs.  I miss their smiles and their sounds and their presence.

I drink my coffee and type my words.  The smell of a pot roast fills the empty house and the minutes tick by.  Soon, it will be time to pick them up and bring them home.

It doesn’t feel like home without them here.

They are my home.


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17 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dana, I love reading your slices about your children. I also wrote about the absence of my children in my home today. “It doesn’t feel like home without them here.” Great line.

  2. You know the old sayings “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” and “the grass is always greener on the other side”. It is good to have these moments when you can appreciate what you have.

  3. Dreaming of those moments are what we need to refresh us, but actually “living” them are not what we dreamed of and make us more appreciative of what we have. Yes, our children are our home and we need to cherish every moment we have with them.

  4. Maybe it is because I work from home when Isabelle is at school (& I’m not on the road), but I relish my time at home when it is just me. I can imagine it feels very different when it isn’t the norm for someone!

  5. Dana,
    You have a new norm – the kids are your home! This post is so about you and how your expectations and needs have changed. But you had to experience it to know for sure!!! ❤

  6. Busy, bustling house filled with life contrasts the quiet of being alone, It’s good to have moments of both, then you can savor each. I feel you holding on tightly to these moments of having your kids near. Yes, time passes so quickly.

  7. I could just copy and paste Tara’s comment. We are not quite empty nesters yet, but it is more just me and my husband than it is with all of us. Time goes so fast!

  8. I completely understand. In the fall oldest leaves for college and youngest will be a junior. I have many more alone times ahead of me and I’m not looking forward to it. 🙂

  9. That last line gave me chills! I know just what you mean. My “to do” list is so long and I often wish for uninterrupted time, but then when the kiddos aren’t here I miss them so! Love your Slices.

  10. Such a sweet sweet slice. Your words are filled with love. I appreciate my quiet time since it is so rare. I am the happiest when everyone is at home.

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