I Remember a Time

I remember a time when bedtime reading meant baby Maddie and I, snuggled close in the rocking chair in her pink bedroom.  Her, just an infant and me, a new mom.  The two of us creating a bedtime ritual that would last forever.  Those early days of bedtime reading would help define who I was becoming as a mom, and those days planted a love of reading in Maddie which still shines so strong.

I remember a time when bedtime reading meant Maddie, a tiny baby Kate, and I sitting on the floor of Maddie’s bedroom.   Maddie growing taller and the stories growing longer.  Some stories were already forever imprinted on her heart.  Katie, a tiny infant, sleeping soundly in my arms, listening to the sound of our voices filling the room with story.  We welcomed our new baby girl, wrapped in pink, into our family by welcoming her into our reading time.  It turns out my lap was plenty big enough for two.

I remember a time when bedtime reading meant divide and conquer.  Me, reading to Maddie.  My husband in the room next door, reading to Katie.  Each girl developing her own story preferences, each parent adding their unique voice to the story.  Our voices tangling together in the shared hallway outside the girls’ bedrooms.  The days ending with two quiet voices whispering “good night, I love you” and two doors gently closing.

It seems once again our bedtime reading is changing.  The four of us, together once more, gathered on the floor of Katie’s pink bedroom.  This time it is Maddie’s voice that fills the air, punctuated with Katie’s giggles.  There will be a time when I will remember this, too:


Join in Slice of Life Story writing on Tuesdays!  Add your link at Two Writing Teachers.

Join in Slice of Life Story writing on Tuesdays! Add your link at Two Writing Teachers.



10 thoughts on “I Remember a Time

  1. Your lovely memories have made such literate little people. Such sweet sisters who know exactly how to do this reading ritual. I can remember those moments with mine too. Seems like yesterday my oldest took control of his own reading life because I was too tired to read another chapter of Harry Potter. Thank you so much for this post.

  2. What a sweet glimpse into your bedtime routines! My daughter and I still share picture books on the rare occasions when we are together. What fun to see Maddie read to Kate and hear Kate’s giggles. I love those animal friends and the bare feet peeking out from the pink nightgown. Sweet, sweet rituals!

  3. This gives me chills! It is a big first. Of course you would stop to notice it and I’m thinking how I let that one pass right by me. Wow. Where did our babies go? Big kids, all of them. 😦 Really perfect slice.

  4. Love the time moving, & still that thread of reading together holding strong, Dana. Love “voices tangling together in the shared hallway outside the girls’ bedrooms”. My children & I read together well into high school-many memories of books! Thanks for taking time to share these special moments!

  5. Such a lovely memories for your daughters to have. Love how you crafted it with I remember a time and ended with the video. The rhythm of how the bedtime routine has changed and yet remained consistent really came through in your piece. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This brings me to tears of joy and makes me smile at the same time! The magic and wonder of a beginning reader sharing the world she is discovering. Yes, you will always remember this moment along with a zillion other bedtime stories. I can STILL recite WORD FOR WORD Good Night Moon and i suspect there are a few kids out there who can too!

  7. Ha–it all goes by so fast. My girls all stay up later than I do, now, and I miss the bedtime read alouds. I still bring home picture books that they have to listen to, sometimes. Thanks for sharing the video of Maddy reading! They will both love watching themselves for many years!

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