I wake up at 5:30 A.M.   I do not dawdle or dilly-dally or delay.  I wake up at 5:30 A.M., and I get to work precisely on time at 8:00 A.M.  It takes two and a half hours from wake up to walk in.  Every day.

You better believe I have it planned down to the minute.  We have no time to spare.

So, this morning I was not happy when traffic on the expressway came to a screeching halt.  There was an accident, and we sat, unmoving, for 30 minutes.  Just sat.  I drank my coffee while the girls listened to the soundtrack from Frozen.  Maddie speculated on the cause of the delay (maybe two cars crashed together or maybe a school bus full of papers bumped into a truck or maybe…)  I was frustrated.  I was antsy.  I was annoyed.  I was mad.

Then, we drove slowly pass the crashed up cars, the street full of debris, the ambulances with lights swirling overhead.  Shocked passengers stood by their wrinkled cars.   The scene was not good.  As traffic opened up in front of us, I counted my blessings and said a silent prayer.  It was a painful reminder of what matters most.  Being late for work is a small, small inconvenience.

Join in Slice of Life Story writing on Tuesdays!  Add your link at Two Writing Teachers.

Join in Slice of Life Story writing on Tuesdays! Add your link at Two Writing Teachers.

8 thoughts on “Accident

  1. I often feel this way after I pass an accident scene. It does bring reality crashing back My husband is a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Every day he comes home with stories that keep our life in perspective — it is so important to take these moments and remember how lucky we are.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. So true. You reminded me of a crash I witnessed last year during the afternoon commute. I had the same reaction: instant attitude adjustment. Glad you made it safely to work. Sounds like you were even serenaded on the way. : )

  3. I always breathe a sigh of relief after I sit, inconvenienced, in traffic for an accident. My mere inconvenience is someone’s worst day.

    Glad you made it to work safely,albeit late.

  4. Some years ago a friend shared that she says a quick prayer every time she hears a siren – there’s always trauma of some kind at the end of that siren and heaven knows the world needs us to reach out and care.

  5. The tension in your body when you’re waiting is just the worst. Then that moment that makes you catch your breath and be thankful. Welcome back to slicing and I hate your commute for you. 😦

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