While We Packed

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

We have begun the long, slow, and oh-so-tedious process of packing our house to move.  It seems that every nook and cranny of this old house has been filled to overflowing with our stuff.  We have thrown away bags upon bags of garbage.  We have donated, sold, and returned things to the original owner.  We have argued over what stays and what goes.  We have filled, taped, and labeled more boxes than I could ever have imagined.  This past weekend, we spent the entire weekend packing boxes.

While we packed, Maddie and Katie helped.  They helped us discover the contents of each nook and each cranny.  Oooh, wrapping paper!  Come on, Katie, let’s wrap up some of our toys!  What’s this?  A whole box of rags!  Come on, Maddie, let’s wipe all the furniture in the house!  Wow, a box of old shoes!  Let’s go, Katie!  Let’s play dress-up!  They helped and helped… couldn’t wait to get their hands on all the stuff.

While we packed, Maddie and Katie labeled the boxes.  The box of diapers is clearly marked: DIPRS.  The train set will not be missed when we unpack: TRAN ST.  And Katie’s scribbles clearly indicate which box contains the winter coats.  My little writers took that Sharpie and labeled everything…. even the floor.

Katie Labels Box Katie Labels Box2

While we packed, Maddie and Katie discovered.  They discovered the joy of an empty box, and then they discovered the joys of 200 empty boxes.  Can we fit in this one?  Yep.  How about this one?  Yep.  Can I shove Katie in this one and close the lid?  Yep, sure can!

Girls in Boxes Katie in Box Katie in Box2

While we packed, Maddie and Katie didn’t argue (hardly) and didn’t fight (only once or twice).  They helped and labeled and discovered…the whole long weekend.

Such good girls, while we packed.



12 thoughts on “While We Packed

  1. So cute, my daughter is leaving for Melbourne on Friday so we too are knee deep in boxes and the sound of packing tape being ripped off the roll, you know that sound don’t you? Where does all that stuff come from? Unpacking will be much more fun, for everyone. Your little ones are gorgeous.

  2. Love how the pics compliment the writing. “They discovered the joy of an empty box, and then they discovered the joys of 200 empty boxes.” Such a sweet way of telling what a large project you have on your hands. So nice that the girls were able to play, discover and keep busy while you were packing. Such a daunting task! Who would have known you had so much stuff…until it’s time to pack it?!?

  3. I love every single one of your slices. Every time I read them! This one, I especially loved because I can so clearly remember packing up an entire house (without a child yet) to move. I just love the pictures that accompany this piece as well. It felt like I was there, helping you pack up. Enjoy the unpacking part…that is when the fun begins!!!

  4. I can only imagine the little things you are finding as you pack up a whole house! Love that you are donating, selling, or returning to the original owner. 🙂 That made me laugh. I can’t imagine packing up with the help of two little ones. Love that you were able to keep packing and laugh at the little moments! (Can Katie fit in this box? Yep!) What fun last memories in this house … the pictures are priceless! Best of luck finishing up and then the unpacking begins!

  5. This is what good parenting is…allowing your daughters to be kids even when the grown up work has to be done. Your writing always gives me a sense of utter contentment in your role as a mother. Good job, Mom!

  6. I love your writing so much. Mainly because they are just true slices of your life. Such a little moment turned into some fabulous writing and a great memory. They’re so lucky to be able to enjoy a piece of this event too.

  7. They’re adorable! You’re so lucky they did so well packing. I hope unpacking goes as smoothly.

    Isn’t it amazing what we accumulate? I finished cleaning out my office yesterday (It took me three weeks!) and I cannot begin to tell you how much junk I threw out. I found a few things I had been looking for (including a great pasta recipe!), but mostly it was for the trash bin!

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