Saturday Morning

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

I woke up early this morning.  Much earlier than everyone else.  As my husband and kids continued to slumber and dream, I crept downstairs to start my day.

I exercised in the dark living room, using the glow of the TV as my only source of light.  When I was sweaty and sore, I opened up the blinds to let the first rays of sunlight stream in the windows.  I turned on the coffee pot and crept upstairs to shower.  I soaked up the peace and quiet as I came back downstairs to get ready.  I enjoyed my coffee, and carried it with me from task to task.  Hair combed, make-up on, I sat down with the last remaing sips to write my grocery list.  With the light of the day now pouring in the windows, I put on my gym shoes and snuck out to the grocery store.  It was quiet and calm, and I felt thankful.

Typically, I grocery shop on Friday nights amongst crowds of tired moms and anxious people getting ready for their weekend dinners.  I usually shop with Maddie and Katie in tow, promising them a cookie if they’ll just stay seated in the cart for five more minutes.  Not this morning, though.  This morning I shopped in a practically empty grocery store, just me and my thoughts.  There was no winding my way through crowded aisles, no pleading with bored kids to sit still.  I lingered over the apples a while longer than usual, I read the ingredients and labels more carefully, and I strolled down the holiday aisle with thoughts of the Easter Bunny in my mind.  It was quiet and calm, and I was thankful.

Carrying the bags, I opened the door of our house.  I stepped over puzzle pieces scattered across the kitchen floor to set down my purse.  Half-eaten bananas littered the table, a sippy cup of juice teetered precariously on the edge of the counter,  and two messy-haired, pajama-clad little girls clambered over for a hug.  “Mommy!” they yelled as a trail of crumbs followed them over to me.

As I write this now, it is not quiet and it is not calm.  Maddie is perched next to me, asking when it will be her turn to use the computer.  I only see Katie now and again when she flits through the kitchen, as she is busy taking care of her baby dolls.  I can’t always see her, but I can sure hear her.  “My ba-bee!  My ba-bee!”, she exclaims.  Crayons and doll strollers and Barbie dolls sprinkle the floor.  The breakfast dishes are thrown in the sink, and I don’t think anybody has yet picked up the teetering sippy cup.  My husband is fixing, hammering, and slamming something or another in the basement, and the movie Frozen plays unwatched in the living room.  I’ve been interrupted no less than 15 times as I try to get these words on paper.

It is not quiet or calm, and I am so thankful.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Love the transitions here… from the darkness and quiet of the early morning workout- to the serenity (yes- serenity- and I mean this) of a peaceful morning stroll in the grocery store, to returning to the busy, chaotic love found in a woken, lively household. So many things to be thankful for here… I think any mom could relate. You conveyed these moments perfectly. Happy Saturday 🙂

  2. I like the two different voices this takes on- the grateful for for peace and quiet and the grateful mom that she can hear the voices and enjoys the disruption for her baby girls. I was relaxing with you as you were all by yourself, but then felt that same disheveled feeling of the house when you returned. Enjoy your Saturday!

  3. Enjoyed how you took us from calm to the craziness of early mornings with kids! I could just picture you trying to write with Katie running around.You got the best of both worlds today- a bit of peace and quiet and the joy of little kids in the morning.

  4. such fun to just take a snapshot of a day a morning, ESP when family kids are involved! Thanks, your shift from quiet to a little crazy was tangible.

  5. I am so thankful that you are documenting your journey with your family. Rising early…centering yourself at the grocery ‘calm store’….it made me almost want to visit it again! You are living the dream even with chaos of a downed sippy. xo

  6. I enjoyed walking quietly and calmly through your morning with you! It feels good to be thankful. I’m sure your family is equally thankful for you. ♡♥

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