Another Life

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

I’m not one to wax poetical about the weather, to write an ode to winter, or to capture the images of spring.  I accept the weather for what it is, and I simply wait for the seasons to turn.  Sure, I have done my fair share of moaning about the snow this winter, and ok, fine, maybe I’ve put an expletive in front of the word ‘boots’ a time or two.  For the most part, though, I can accept the current atmospheric state.

However, yesterday, I remembered another life.

I was washing dishes when I glanced out our kitchen window.  There was our lawn, green and not covered in snow.  The peculiar sight of green grass brought back a flood of memories… memories of a different life.

There was a time, not so long ago, when we walked in the door after work and school, tossed our backpacks and purses on the floor, grabbed some juice, and headed out to soak up the sun.  In the past, we had another life full of sunshine and fresh air, bike rides and long walks.  A life where neighbors used to greet us and make small talk while they washed their cars.  In this life, the girls and I raced home from our busy days to play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.   We ate dinner quickly so we could rush back outside to soak up the last few minutes of sunshine.  In my memories, this old life was carefree, full of light and joy.

I had forgotten our other life.  We have been stuck in this life for so long.  This life of dark days and long winters and way too much snow.  In this life, we don’t rush home from our busy days..  We plod in the house, exhausted and cold, to remove our coats and boots and hats and mittens and scarves.  Stuck in the house, we color and read and play games and  try to laugh.  Together, but frozen in this constant state of winter.

Today, I remembered another life.


9 thoughts on “Another Life

  1. I felt guilty when I started reading your slice because I have complained a lot this winter! It’s not even all the cold and snow that has gotten to me it’s the lack of sun!!! I remember your other life too and that’s what makes me want to leave this life so badly 😉

  2. It is so nice to think of the other life, even if it is for only a moment. Waking up to more snow this morning, makes me wonder if we will get that other life back any time soon!

  3. Beautiful and so well written, and so true. This winter has made life very difficult. Or, at least, very different. I too am dreaming of spring, of a time when we will be less confined. You captured what this will feel like perfectly.

  4. So well written, Dana. I love your concept of “the other life”. I was expecting the pre-kids version and was pleasantly surprised to see the pre-winter version instead. This is beautiful, hopeful piece.

  5. Your title of “another life” really went so perfectly with this slice. You had me wondering if you’re going to write about something else with your title but it was about Spring!

  6. So well-written and appropriate for this winter. I don’t remember a winter like this where there was that bit of shock when you actually saw green grass again. Your slice was on my mind today when I walked out of work without a coat. You just stated it so nicely.

  7. Love the beginnings, Dana. I thought you were going to write of something a long time ago, but no, that other life with color and warmth. Love all the ‘lost’ of that other life. I hope you don’t get it, but we have snow coming tonight & tomorrow here in CO. It usually heads east. Maybe this is the last…

  8. Here’s the scene you set for me….you, with your hands full of suds, head slightly cocked, staring out the window, with a slight smile on your face, oblivious to all the sounds in the house. Am I right? Great piece!

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