House Hunting

It's not too late to join the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge over at the Two Writing Teachers!

It’s not too late to join the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge over at the Two Writing Teachers!

“You’ll know it when you find it,” a friend told me.

We have been in countless houses.  We’ve seen tile and carpet and granite and storage and basements and bedrooms and master baths and backyards and corner lots and new windows and old floors and stainless steel and needs paint and closets and laundry rooms and pools and upstairs and downstairs and this room and that room and kitchens and decks and big houses and small houses and new houses and old houses and traditional houses and two-story houses and ranch houses and brick houses and not-our-houses.

We have walked through so many houses.  So many places full of other people’s memories.

“It will  feel like home to you when you find it,” she told me.

I hope she’s right.


19 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. Been there and it isn’t exactly full of the best memories for me. I remember feeling so bad for the realtor who kept taking us to house after house and we appeared to be so picky. In the end, I agree with your friend. You’ll know. And when you make it your home, it will be.

  2. I love this! It transported back to last year at this time, when we were going through the exact same thing. I felt the same way- soon the houses all blurred into one! But your friend is right, you will know it as soon as you find it…It just hits you! Good Luck:)

  3. Dana I’m on the other end of this . . . trying to make my house “feel” like someone would want to make it their home . . . it’s hard because to do this I must take all my “memories” out of site. Good luck finding the one that “feels” like your family’s home!

  4. Yep. I feel your exasperation, anxiety, fear, exhaustion, excitement, hope, etc. in that one very long winded sentence! Perfect way to show us your emotion, Dana. You’ve got craft!

  5. You will know, I promise. I wish you luck as you embark upon this next journey with your family. It will all fall into place – that house is out there for the Murphys.

  6. Ugh! Your first paragraph. I didn’t breath because it’s exactly what it feels like. We’ve been through this twice and the first time I think we looked at 50+ houses. No joke. And when we walked into ours we JUST KNEW. Good luck.

  7. Wow—I have no words for the exasperation your writing made me feel. That list that kept going was fantastic. You WILL know it when you see it, or in my case, we liked it enough to rip down a wall and make it our own. 🙂

  8. You captured the feeling of house hunting well! Trying to compromise with one’s spouse adds a lot of stress to the situation. We sold our house before we found a new house and that really put the pressure on. Good luck with your hunt!

  9. We looked at over 30 houses in about 6 months! Not counting the ones we just drove by and said, “Nope.” I love your list of features–there’s a specialized vocabulary for house hunting, right?

  10. You have chosen a topic with which all of us can readily identify. Such an important decision. Such a stressful time in one’s life. Having recently walked your walk, my connection to your piece is strong. You have easily reached your audience with your writing today.Your pain is our pain. Trust that the fog will eventually clear and you will know you have found your way ‘home.’

  11. I too feel the frustration of your post, but I believe, as your friend does that “You’ll know it when you find it.” And it will be one of the greatest feelings on earth!!

  12. Oh my! I just finished writing my post, which is about getting our house ready to show tomorrow afternoon. It’s been for sale since October and every time we get ready for a showing, I wonder if this will be the time. I keep hoping that the family that buys our house will feel the love that we feel and will make their own wonderful memories. Good luck on finding your new home.


  13. Your blog is wonderful. I love the length of it. Your list going on and on makes us feel like we have seen those houses, too. Your circular ending reminds us and yourself to have hope…even when shopping for a home!

  14. Awesome craft of letting your run away sentence convey your emotions of angst in trying to find the “perfect” home….no worries, it’s right around the corner, like the coveted Tetris block.

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