Day 30: Everything

I was sharing a silly and very happy childhood memory with my mom the other day.  Something my own children did had reminded me of her and my own childhood.  Suddenly, my mom put her hands up over her eyes and hung her head down.  Was she crying?

“Mom?” I questioned.

She wiped her eyes.  “I know I didn’t do everything perfectly.  There were a lot of things I probably screwed up,” she said to me.  “But when you talk about memories like that, I think maybe I did some of it right.”

The words caught in my throat, and I didn’t say them.

Everything, Mom.  You did everything right.


I’m writing a Slice of Life Story every day for the month of March as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. See more at Two Writing Teachers.


19 thoughts on “Day 30: Everything

  1. There is so much wrapped up in this slice. Much love. Much appreciation. Much worry. Being a mom is hard. But it’s beyond awesome. How great that you have the chance to let your mom know how great she is.

  2. You brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. We worry about getting everything right, but the truth is, getting some things wrong (in our estimation), is what’s right. It’s how we learn.

  3. Love this sweet sentiment. All of us mothers worry if we have totally screwed things up. How nice that you recognized her and affirmed her.

  4. Oh man, that brought tears to my eyes. My mom has said such similar things — and I agree with you — everything. Parenting is hard, and I know I’m not doing everything right — or even close… but I had great examples to strive towards in my parents!

  5. Gosh Dana it makes me think what a really, really important job being a mom is! So much pressure to be perfect and really it’s a job that is so instinctive. I’m so glad you made your mom’s day!

  6. Yeah… this was good, but the slice was too small πŸ™‚
    It left me wanting more. Not like a slice of orange, but a slice of pie at Thanksgiving or watermelon on a hot day. What was the memory that sparked the conversation? What stopped you from saying ‘Everything’ out loud for your mom to hear?
    This better grow into a longer story…

  7. How difficult it must have been for your mom to be a single parent. She had to be wondering constantly if she was “doing it right.” Whether she said it out loud, or not. She had to be wondering. Talk about no “play book” for parenting?! Single parents are really out there on their own. Whatever the conversation was that the two of you had, I’m so glad it came up. For your mom.

  8. What a wonderful post. I know this is how I feel right now. And this is my hope. That my kids will look back and remember great memories. Not that they ate fast food one too many times πŸ˜‰

  9. This made me cry! The relationship between a mother and daughter is so special. I always think it’s the smallest memories that make up the most precious moments, at least for me, that has been true.

  10. Beautiful. My mom said similar things every now and then. Glad you got the chance to make her day. Parenting is hard. It’s nice when we can let our parents they did a lot right. So much feeling here. Thank you for sharing.

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