When I stepped into Maddie’s bedroom to wake her up this morning, I found a dog bed and a dog bowl in  bed with her, right next to her pillow.  And we don’t even have a dog.

Well, we don’t have a real dog.  We do have Clifford.

Clifford (as in “the big red dog”) is Maddie’s favorite thing in all the world.  Clifford – or Cliffy as Maddie affectionately calls him –  was a gift from my cousin when Maddie was around two years old.  They have been best friends every since.  Cliffy follows Maddie everywhere around the house. He is a fiercely loyal companion.

Do you see Clifford?

If there is a picture from Maddie’s childhood without Clifford in it, you can rest assured he is just out of frame.

So, when I asked Maddie what she wanted for her birthday last year, I wasn’t too surprised by her answer.

“Cliffy needs a dog bed,” she stated matter-of-factly.  “And a bowl and a leash.  Oh, and a bone.”

So I did what any mother would do: I went to the pet store and stocked up on supplies for a dog we don’t have.

Clifford 7

Anyway, I’m not sure what happened last night.  Maddie or Cliffy must have had trouble sleeping, and she must have scooped him and the dog bed and his bowl off the floor sometime during the night.

Which is why, when I stepped into Maddie’s bedroom to wake her up this morning, I found a dog bed and a dog bowl in bed with her, right next to her pillow.  And we don’t even have a dog.


20 thoughts on “Cliffy

  1. Cute slice! You can definitely tell how important Cliffy is in Maddie’s life. When my Maddie a little girl she carried around her Mooie, a gift from my sister. She was so attached to her Mooie that we always worried Mooie might get left behind somewhere. Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane this morning!

  2. I love it! I think that’s a child after my own heart; I wanted a dog so badly. We had one when I was very little but after he died my parents decided that living in town was not ideal for a dog. I hate to wait 15 years until we moved to the country. In the meantime, they did get me a stuffed black poodle. It had to do.

  3. Love how you structured this piece with the matching beginning and ending. The beginning caught my attention and the ending will allow me to remember this tender moment. Thanks!

  4. Love the pictures and also how you circled around to match the beginning and ending. (Not a real dog – means you don’t have to buy dog food every week!) Such a great view of Cliffy!

  5. Funny how the stuffies come to life! My nephew is 18 and just gave up his favourite! (And by “gave up” I mean it now stays at home in his bed when he sleeps someplace else.)

  6. What a sweet slice. Like so many others, I love how you structured it with your ending echoing your beginning. Those stuffies sure have a powerful place in our children’s lives!

  7. There are those special, special “pets” alive or not that carry us through, and Maddie’s is Clifford. I bet she’ll take him to college. I just gave my daughter, who is 40, her special “Snuff”, a little bear that she had with her always, finally left at home after she married. Now her daughters will take care of him. Clifford is a great companion I think. Love that he has a dog bed & all the extras.

  8. Super cute 🙂 I could see my daughter wanting supplies like this for one of her stuffed animals. I just pulled band aids off of her Care Bear because its boo-boos were finally all better.

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