Weather Report

My husband, who obsesses over the weather, wants to buy a home weather station.  Unnecessary, right?  Here’s what he really needs:

Today’s forecast calls for exasperation with a 90% chance of irritability.  The lack of patience is caused by a low-stress system pushing through from a long To-Do list and whiny kids.  Chances of a tone in her voice and some eye-rolling are good, so you should bring an umbrella or other form of defense.  We’re hoping this system will clear out by tomorrow, and we see sunnier days ahead.  But for today, we see only mood swings and snide remarks.  The mood is unseasonably crabby and might be one for the record books.



13 thoughts on “Weather Report

  1. This is probably the most accurate forecast ever! Ha! Love your humorous writing this morning. As always, your very unique Dana voice is coming through loud and clear. Tell Jerome to maybe seek cover because strong tornado like winds are about to blow in!

  2. I love weather reports -and sarcasm! Wondering what instrument could gauge the speed of an eyeroll or the percentage of irritability? Those are instruments I could use in this house as well as my classroom! Great post.

  3. Yes, I agree that the hubs need these sort of lenses to view how the world really is variable sometimes. It made me giggle because you know they mean well…but…

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