Becoming Sisters

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  Click here to join in the fun!

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Click here to join in the fun!

This past Sunday was Katie’s 2nd birthday.  All day long, my mind would drift back to February 16th, two years ago.  Every moment of that day is etched forever in my memory.  The most important moment, of course, being precisely 11:18 A.M., when our beautiful Katie entered the world.  In that moment, I could never have known the personality that would emerge from that crying infant – equal parts of sweetness and sass.

But there is another moment from that day that is also etched in my memory…

I could hear them coming down the hospital hallway, my mom and Maddie.  My mom, rushing to see her newest granddaughter.  Maddie, rushing to see her mommy.  They burst into our hospital room and after much hugging and congratulating and cooing over the baby, Maddie and I settled ourselves on the hospital bed so she could meet her baby sister.

This is the moment I remember.  Maddie and Katie, becoming sisters.


In that moment, a hesitant Maddie and a brand-new Katie merged their lives together.  

Someday, when they’re older, they will tell the same childhood stories.  They will know each other’s flaws, but choose to overlook them.  They will laugh with each other and at each other.  They will fight fiercely and make up quickly.  They will share memories and clothes and heartaches. 

As I’ve stood witness to their relationship for the past two years, I’ve had the gift of watching them begin to figure it out, this business of being a sister.  They are learning how to compromise, how to share, and how to love. Boy, do they know how to love.  

That’s what happens when you’re a sister.



13 thoughts on “Becoming Sisters

  1. I was so happy when I found out that my second child was a girl so that Larkin would have a sister. I have pictures that look very similar to yours, although then I kept going and have four sisters in my house. Check out Big SIster, Little Sister if you haven’t already…they used to love having me read that to them and it was Julia’s first book that she ever read. You are doing a great job at celebrating them. Love it. They are lucky girls.

  2. Just a lovely, slice, Dana – I think thsat one of the best gifts we ever “gave ” our children was simply that they would have each other. My best memories will always be of my three just being together, and learning about life with each other.

  3. Exactly the ages of my granddaughters and how my daughter feels too, Dana. What a wonderful thing to have a sister that close. I don’t, but have a wonderful brother! Happy birthday to Katie!

  4. The relationship and bond between sisters is something that cannot be replaced. They were blessed with a best friend from the day they met that they will always be able to trust and believe in.

  5. whenever you write about Maddie and Katie’s special sisterly bond I can’t help but think of my own sister. We’re not close, we don’t talk much at all, but when the chips are down we are usually there for each other. It drives my mom crazy because she wants us to be best friends. I see Maddie and Katie well on their way to making their mom a happy one! Very sweet memories they are making together.

  6. This was a precious slice! Thank you 🙂 I have always wanted a sister, but never have been blessed with one. My mom works for that purpose pretty well now that I am an adult! 🙂

  7. Dana, I cried reading this…for two reasons. First of all, I have sisters like this and yes we do know each others flaws…but love big…yes we do. My daughter Em is having a baby in April…we will soon have the same picture in the next gen! Mo Mo (me couldn’t be happier. I’m sending your post to both of my sisters. Happy birthday sweet Katie! xo

  8. This only child is a little sad that I never got to share a life with a sister! Here is to wishing you daughters many many more years to share their lives together.

  9. Dana, this is such a touching piece. And then the picture of Maddie meeting Kate, the two of them standing together…beautiful! I’ve never had a sister, but it makes me think of my brother and how I wanted to be just like him. I idolized him, really I still do. How I would not have survived parts of my life without him. This makes me think of Braeden, and how he needs a little brother or sister 🙂

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