Day 30: Joy is A Little Trot

My children have filled my life with joy. There have been big joyous moments over the years of course: celebrations, milestones, their first this and their first that. But the real joy, the purest joy, comes in the small moments every day.

For instance, I was standing at the stove stirring a simmering pot of soup when Katie approached.

“Mommy, I’m playing dolls in the basement. The two dollies are on the horse. They’ll go for a little trot, and then I’ll change them into their swimsuits for the beach,” Katie told me before skipping away.

A little trot.

What an interesting choice of words for a five year old, isn’t it? She could have said they’ll ride the horse or go for a ride, but she said they’ll go for a little trot.

I stood at the stove smiling to myself as I stirred the soup.

These are the moments. These are the moments scattered throughout my day which I gather up like fallen leaves. And at night when I lay my head on the pillow, these are the moments that send me drifting off to sleep with a smile.


Thirty-one stories in thirty-one days as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

13 thoughts on “Day 30: Joy is A Little Trot

  1. I love your title, “Joy is a little trot.” I wish I had kept a notebook of the things my kids said. In my class sometimes we just write a quote on the board. I am filled with joy when children experiment with language.

  2. Love the image of gathering up memories like fallen leaves. A little trot sounds like book talk to me. The joys and far reaching benefits of literature.

  3. Clever girl! I’ve really enjoyed your small moments with your girls throughout this month. Thank you for sharing some lovely peeks into your family life. You are, indeed, a lucky woman.

  4. So much joy in this small moments. This is a good reminder to me as well. I love the big stuff, but so much of my kids is those small moments. Thank you for this reminder.

  5. Bravo to you for noticing! Some parents in their haste to run from errand to errand might miss their child’s use of rich vocabulary. Keeping a moment like this as you drift to sleep offers up the most restful of nights, I suspect!

  6. Yes, there small moments bring joy to an ordinary day and can live in our hearts forever. Bet you read to your daughter a lot. Her choice of words gives you away. Continue to seek, savor and save these “leaves” through your writing.

  7. Joy is a little trot, indeed!

    My son, a second language learner and with learning challenges beyond that, told me today. “I was ecstatic when you bought me pens and markers. Then I lost one, so I was just happy. But now that we found it, I’m ecstatic again.” I was so tickled!

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