Day 26: OPEN

Our town has a small, soft-serve ice cream shop known as Ranch Frostie. I’ve written about it before because it makes me feel nostalgic even though we’ve only lived in this town for three years. There is something about this place that makes me feel like home.

Ranch Frostie closes for the winter, stacking its wooden picnic tables in front of the walk-up window and turning its large sign in the window to CLOSED. The sidewalk gets covered with snow and the little building fades into the dreary backdrop of winter. Everyone forgets about Ranch Frostie while we slog through the winter months.

Well, when I picked the girls up from daycare the other day there was a handwritten notice on the parent bulletin board in the lobby of the daycare. “Ranch Frostie opened today!”

When Ranch Frostie opens, you go.

It doesn’t matter if you have mounds of laundry to fold or if Maddie has an art project due the next day or if you wanted to run that night or if the girls need a bath. When Ranch Frostie opens you go. So we finished dinner quickly and I reminded the girls to leave room for ice cream.

We pulled up in the parking lot of the brick building and saw the sign in the window: OPEN. We cheered. We walked up and ordered three swirls, two with sprinkles and one in a cup. It tasted like summer even though we had to eat it in the car because it was freezing outside. It didn’t matter.

When Ranch Frostie opens, you go.

IMG_5306 2


Thirty-one stories in thirty-one days as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

19 thoughts on “Day 26: OPEN

  1. Great picture. Your line “It tasted like summer…” says it all. This reminded me of the Rita’s Water Ice near me. They always open on the first day of spring, but yesterday was my first visit this season.

  2. I love the repeated line structure of this slice. Where does the name Ranch Frostie come from? How fun to have these kinds of memories with your children! Believe me, having just experience the wedding of my daughter, these things are special and will someday be a part of their rehearsal dinner speech.

  3. These are the celebrations your girls will remember! A mom who pushed aside art projects and homework and ate ice cream! Good for you! And like the first commenter, I love the smiles!

  4. Ranch Frosty– a deliciously sweet harbinger of summer! Your girls will remember the excitement and the fun of eating in the car all bundled up for winter. Great tradition, and adorable picture!

  5. Carpe diem! I aso love the pic of eating the first ice cream of the season in coats in the car! Good mom moment- priorities on straight! “Save room for ice cream…” 🙂

  6. I couldn’t agree with you ore. I am anxiously awaiting All Stars to open here. It’s only a block away and I want their black raspberry of teaberry soft serve.

  7. Oh – I use to do that with my kids when the Dairy Queen opened. I had not thought about that for years. I wonder if they are open – I may have to go check it out!
    So glad you made time!

  8. YES!!! WE have the same ritual back east but with Rita’s Water Ice. Free water ice the first day of spring! The event lets us be children once again as we enjoy it with the children it was meant for. Ranch Frostie Rules Spring!

  9. YES!!! I love Ranch Frostie! I lived in NL for 18 years!! I have so many great memories at that place! (I can feel a post in the making) This calls for a visit to my parent’s house! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to go get some of my favorite ice cream!

  10. Ranch Frostie. I absolutely love that name! It just draws you in – makes you want to go there. That picture at the end tells it all. Ice cream in the car in winter coats. THAT’S how badly one must go to Ranch Frostie!

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