Day 24: What Happens in the Fitting Room 

I was out of patience before we even began. We have a vacation approaching, and the girls needed some warm weather clothes. They’ve both had a growth spurt during the cold winter months, so we had only one choice. We would have to go in the fitting room.

If you’ve ever ventured into a fitting room with little ones, you know it is not fun. It is small and cramped. The floor is dirty.  The hangers get tangled together. The kids take forever to get undressed and redressed and undressed and redressed. It’s just not a fun time.

I breathed a deep sigh as the three of us crammed ourselves into the tight space.

“Okay, Katie, you first,” I said as I lifted her shirt off over her head. “Let’s start with this bathing suit.”

I picked up the hanger holding the suit. It was a two-piece suit which went against my better judgement, but it’s what Katie really wanted. I pulled the bottoms over her wiggly legs and shimmied the top over her head.

“Fits good, Katiebug,” I said as she turned to see herself in the mirror. And that’s when the silliness began. I don’t know if it was the two-piece suit or the close quarters or just Katie’s mood, but Katie got real silly real fast.

First she started doing some sort of dance that involved more of her butt than anything else. The top half of her body was barely moving, but the bottom half was doing things I didn’t know a five year old could do. Maddie, who was sitting on a stool in the corner of the fitting room, began to giggle which was all the fuel that Katie needed. The next few minutes were filled with dancing, songs about Katie’s belly button, giggles, strange poses, silly facial expressions, and what can best be described as twerking.

I was not in the mood for this.

My eyes darted over to the stool and met Maddie’s eyes. The two of us instantly exploded into laughter, and I collapsed onto the dirty floor. Maddie and I laughed until we cried and Katie carried on all the while.

Thirty-one stories for thirty-one days as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers.


16 thoughts on “Day 24: What Happens in the Fitting Room 

  1. I just learned what it means to have my heart sing while reading your slice. Truly. You and Maddie bursting out in laughter had to be the best thing I could have read today…ever. It’s just filled with pure joy!!!!

  2. Katie is such a firecracker! I guess that two-piece did its job and gave her the new persona she was seeking to be more “sophisticated,” yet even she knew how funny it all was! Sounds like you and the girls have a lot of giggly times together. Real bonding!

  3. This is awesome! As you described her little butt dance, I totally pictured my daughter who had been very obsessed with dancing with her butt sticking out and simultaneously saying “my booty, my booty.”

    This is also why I don’t use the fitting room with the kids. I’m weird and I just buy two sizes and take them home to try on. My mom took my daughter shopping and she said she had her try it on in the fitting room. I said, well, that’s her first time!

  4. I really love stories about your girls! It’s always the best and the worst when you’re trying to be serious and productive and can’t help but laugh with the kids.

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