Day 22: A Missing Egg, an Apology, and Some Cookies

Katie’s birthday was in the middle of February. My mom bought her a delightful baking kit so we could bake some cookies together.

Cookie Kit

The first time Katie asked me to bake with her I said, “Sure!” We opened the box only to discover we needed an egg. I didn’t have any eggs. “I’m so sorry, Katie,” I told her. “I promise to get some eggs next time I go to the store.”

“Okay, Mommy!” Katie replied with a smile before skipping away because that’s the kind of person Katie is.

The next time she asked if we could bake I had work to do. The time after that there were piles of laundry to fold. The time after that I had to start making dinner. And the time after that I was just sitting down to pay the bills.

Eventually I guess Katie just stopped asking.

I saw that delightful box sitting in the corner of the living room late last night. My heart sank. I stopped what I was doing and went to find Katie. I apologized and told her that I was not too busy to bake with her. I promised we would bake those cookies the very next day when we got home from school. I assured her that I have both the time and the egg.

“I’m so sorry, Katie,” I said again. “I’m really, really sorry.”

“It’s okay, Mommy,” Katie said with a smile before skipping away because that’s the kind of person Katie is.

Katie Baking

We finally made the cookies.


Thirty-one stories in thirty-one days as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.


14 thoughts on “Day 22: A Missing Egg, an Apology, and Some Cookies

  1. Time…one of the hardest parts of being a parent. There just never seems to be enough time for everything you want and need to do. I love that you recognized and then made time to make those cookies.

  2. “That’s OK, Mommy.” Trust her and don’t beat yourself up. You will bake with her today, and she will be happy, but she’s always happy, isn’t she? You obviously are doing something right.
    I now bake with my grandchildren and I let them crack eggs and stir and shape the cookies any way they want to. I never let my own kids do that though. Too uptight then. Age has many benefits!

  3. I also noticed – and loved the sound of – “That’s OK Mommy.” How precious! There are good lessons for our children even in those inevitable “putting off” times, but best of all is the time we spend together.

  4. Sometimes we just have to hit the pause button on life. Katie realizes that you found the time to spend with her and focus your attention on her because that’s the kind of mommy you are.

  5. I’m glad you were finally able to make those cookies. The same thing happens to me. I feel like I tell my kids “not right now” too much and whatever they want to do never gets done. Good for you for finding some time for it. You’re a great mama!

    And I really love reading all of your blogs. I can sense your relationship with both of your girls and how much you love them.

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