Day 21: They Don’t Know I Come Right Back

Maddie and Katie are in separate rooms at their daycare. Every morning we make the long trek down the hall to Maddie’s room first. She hangs up her coat and backpack, and we give a quick hug and a kiss.”Have a great day! Be kind,” I tell her as Katie and I walk away with a wave.

Same thing happens in Katie’s room down the hall. Although I usually have to grab Katie for a hug and a kiss and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hear me say good-bye because she’s off and playing with her friends.

What both of my girls don’t know is this: I always come right back.

I don’t head towards the door to the parking lot. I make that long trek back down the hallway to Maddie’s room. I stand behind the door frame where she cannot see me (but the teacher usually does). I peek around the door and watch, for just a moment. Is she settling in? Has she found a friend? Does she look happy?

I stop again at Katie’s door. Hiding behind the door frame, I peek in. Katie’s teacher offers me an understanding smile. Is she playing? Does she look happy? Is she taking turns?

Satisfied, I leave for work.

My girls are getting older, becoming more confident and assertive with age. They probably don’t need their momma peeking around the corners of doors. Maybe one of these days I won’t peek around the door frame. Maybe one of these days I’ll just head for my car.

But for right now, they don’t know I come right back.


Thirty-one stories in thirty-one days as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.


14 thoughts on “Day 21: They Don’t Know I Come Right Back

  1. What a beautiful snapshot, Dana! You have captured the essence of how much you care about your girls. They may not see you double back to check on them, but I’m sure hey feel your love for them all day.

  2. I love this! One of my favorite features of my kids’ school is that their “wall” that separates the room from the hallway is actually an enormous window. My husband and I both love being the silent observers as we drop off and pick up. There’s just something so special about seeing who your child is without you being present.

  3. Mama Bear, your post captures what an “attentive” mom you are, in every sense of the word. You’ve captured that moment as you, yourself, are poised between their world and yours as you prepare to step out of their world into yours.

    • One day, perhaps, they will run ahead of you and say, “Bye,” and ask you to wait in the car….sigh…and you..assured they can advocate for themselves will….but even then, I suspect you will linger…like I did….and make sure their worlds are spinning as they should. The love just oooozes out of this slice.

  4. So sweet – I love that even though your morning is busy and you’re off to someplace you take the time to check back in on them. I’m sure your day goes better knowing they’ve settled in, and I’m sure also they feel your love and support always.

  5. They might not know that you do it but it brings peace of ind to you knowing both girls are settled in for the day. You do this for you because you know the day will come when you no longer will. Enjoy capturing these moments of your girls taking charge of their lives.

  6. I think it’s beautiful that you “come right back”. And whether they need it or not, it’s good for the momma’s heart!

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