Day 11: Typical Us

I walked in the door from work late Tuesday evening. This is what I saw:

File_000 (10)

Typical, I thought.

Jerome and Maddie were sitting at the kitchen table working on her leprechaun trap for school. At that exact moment they were drawing a blue print for their design.

“Shouldn’t it be called a white print?” Maddie asked referring to the white paper.

“It should!” Jerome agreed. Then, “So how do you think we can get the leprechaun to pull the string?”

This scene just captured all three of them so beautifully. Typical Jerome, patiently answering questions and helping them discover how the world works. Typical Maddie, creating, drawing, building. (And always being the most literal she can be. A white print? This is precisely how she earned the nickname Amelia Bedelia. Remind me sometime to tell you the one about the pool.) Typical Katie, observing the situation in a recital dress and a tutu she dug out of some closet because why wouldn’t you wear a tutu?

Typical us, I thought.

I snapped a quick picture and went over to kiss them all hello.


24 thoughts on “Day 11: Typical Us

  1. Beautifully written and beautiful story! I love how you showed who your husband and daughters are through this narrative. What a great day to end your day!

  2. I love this. It’s those small moments, isn’t it? As mothers I think we’re often in the mix, but how lovely for you to have a window through which to see them, just as they are. Sweet. And tutus are always a good idea.

  3. I would also like to request that you slice about how well the leprechaun trap works! You have every right to be thankful and proud of such a beautiful family!

  4. A little girl can never go wrong in choosing to wear a tutu! Adorable picture. It sounds like your husband is a gem too. Working with kids- even with your own- and leading them to understanding rather than just telling them is a skill some don’t possess.

  5. What a perfectly captured small moment. Speaks volumes. 🙂 Truly, after a long day at work, there is no better way to come home and be greeted by the ones you love. You’re blessed!

  6. Can’t think of anything more beautiful and wonderful and happy to walk into after a long day! I feel you saying to yourself – this is what it’s all about. This. Us. The picture taking part – man I can completely get behind that! I take pictures ALL the time – for this very reason. Nice. Oh, and I hope we get to hear the one about Maddie and the pool – this month?!?!?

    • Ha, I won’t Slice about it this month but last summer they wanted me to blow up the kiddie pool in the backyard and I said I would go see what kind of shape it was in. Maddie said, “Oh, it’s a rectangle.”

      Ha ha ha ha – makes me laugh out loud every time.

  7. Dana, I love how you captured the moment in words and with a picture. It must be hard to be working when you know who is waiting at home. By the way, I have that same tutu. I wore it to work on Friday.

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