Day 9: Going Too Damn Fast

I went to a baby shower for a friend on Sunday. They are expecting a baby girl in a few short weeks. I watched her and her husband unwrap pink onesies and pink blankets and pink teddy bears. The hostess came around to each table and gave us each a blank “Advice to the New Mommy” card. I sat and stared at mine while they unwrapped more pink presents. What could I write? I glanced at my sister-in-law’s card who was seated next to me. Let Mike help with the nighttime feedings she had written. Solid advice.

I thought of all the advice and words of wisdom I’d been given, especially about how fast it all goes. Everybody told me. It goes by fast, Dana everyone said. Cherish every moment, Dana they said.  Even now strangers in the store will sometimes look at us and smile, “Enjoy them now while they’re little, Mom” they’ll say. “They grow up so fast.”

I scribbled some practical piece of advice on that card about letting others help, but as I drove to my mom’s house to pick up my daughters I just kept thinking about how it seems like yesterday that I was the one opening presents and getting advice for a new mom. It wasn’t yesterday, though. It was over seven years ago. I wanted to turn the car around and tell my friend how fast it all goes. She wouldn’t understand, though. Not yet.

I stepped into my mom’s kitchen and greeted her with a smile. She’s shorter now than she used to be. Slower, too. Her hair is almost completely gray and she can’t see a thing without her glasses. She doesn’t much care for driving at night anymore. Her hands are covered in crinkles as my Katie likes to say.

Yep, it’s all going too damn fast, I thought to myself.


Thirty-one stories in thirty-one days as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.



16 thoughts on “Day 9: Going Too Damn Fast

  1. It is crazy how we all know this, live it, but the acceptance of it…that’s a whole other ball game. It is so hard to accept that things are going to go by! We all need this reminder. It seems to get away from us and we don’t really get the heart of it until we see it with our own eyes. It’s fast. Lovely. Terrifying. It’s everything.

  2. Yes, sometimes it seems like we just blink our eyes and things have changed. I have noticed that the older I get the quicker it goes, something I could not wrap my mind around when I was younger. Definitely cherish each moment and make it count.

  3. What you haven’t discovered yet is that as you grow older, time flies by even faster! Writing reflectively when my kids were young would have helped me cherish the moments more…wish I had thought of it then.

  4. You capture the feeling of time escaping so beautifully. I have a 16 month old and some days I think that time can’t go any slower, as we battle through the endless nighttime wakings, colds, picky eating battles… And then I realize another month has gone by and she’s going to be 2 before we know it. I will try and cherish every moment!

  5. “crinkles”! I love it! I like the way that you ended with your mom. It was a nice picture of how the generations keep following in the natural order. If you think it’s going fast now wait until she is in high school Then you really only have 4 more years until they leave, and they are so very busy in their own lives at that point. Bittersweet, making ourselves obsolete by doing a good job of raising them…

  6. Such true (yet hard to hold on to) advice! I love how you flipped the end of your post from you kids to your mom…it does all go so fast!

  7. First off – I really appreciate the feedback you’ve given me on my slices. They are so thoughtful and reflective – they inspire me.
    Second – this is such a beautiful slice. The strong emotion I get from you, a mom, when thinking about a perspective mom, your friend, and finally the strong bond you have with your own mother. So intricately intertwined. What a blessing.

  8. In one breath you make me laugh and in the next … tears. I’m thinking the same thing as you … so many people tell me, “Enjoy them now while they are little. It goes way to fast.” And it is. My girls will be seven — SEVEN — in a few short months. There are moments I look at them and they are growing right before my eyes!! And then to end with your mom. I just can’t …

    Thank you for your beautiful stories, Dana. I’m so glad that you are writing this month.

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