Day 2: The Day Katie got in Trouble at School

The day Katie got in trouble at school was Tuesday. It was storytime and Katie was feeling very chatty. Her preschool teachers report that after asking Katie to quiet down five times, they removed her from the storytime group. Chatty Katie had to stand by herself in another area of the room.

The day Katie got in trouble at school she didn’t much care for that consequence. Katie stood in the other area of the room and cried loudly. Katie called for her mommy, but her mommy didn’t come because she was at work. Katie’s teacher went over to talk to her. “It’s okay, Katie,” I hope she said. I hope she gave her a hug.

The day Katie got in trouble at school, I tried to talk to her about it at home. We cuddled in my bed and I reminded Katie about story time and listening and doing better next time. Katie started to cry and she is only five and nobody is perfect, so I scooped her in my arms and smelled her curly hair.

The day Katie got in trouble at school was behind us, so I hugged her close.


I’m sharing 31 days of stories as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

17 thoughts on “Day 2: The Day Katie got in Trouble at School

  1. I love everything about this piece (well, except the actual getting in trouble part). Your love and understanding shine through in every paragraph. Even though she got in trouble for being chatty, you showed her what forgiveness and patience look like. I will definitely use you as my example–I have a darling 3-year-old myself who I am certain has many “in trouble for chatting and not listening to reminders during story time”‘days ahead of her.

  2. I love this close-up, Dana, the effective repetition you used throughout, and the wonderful close. It really sounds like a picture book! I look forward to hearing more Katie adventures this month as well as a look at a loving mother-daughter relationship. This piece echoes with your love.

  3. This is perfect. This must have been a hard day for Katie (and you) and you capture that moment with honesty and love. The repetition is flawless and I could feel Katie’s emotions. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Even though it was a hard day for Katie, I found myself smiling as I read your slice. I love your writing voice Dana. I love how you capture this moment… one that all of us who are moms can relate to. Here’s to a smooth storytime today.

  5. Why? WHY? Why do we do this to kids????? Are we purposely setting out to ruin story time and reading for our kids???? This is real life here, not just “school life.” I know I should be appreciating the subtleties of your slice. The beauty of the repetition. The intimacy that you share with your daughter. The raw feelings of a 5-year old. But – I can’t get past that teacher and what she did to your Katie Bug. Does she know she’s someone’s Katie Bug? Does she know she is more than just a chatty girl who is interrupting her story time? Arghhhh.

  6. Aw, we all have those moments as moms. It’s so hard to help them understand sometimes…especially when school mama and home mama collide. When you know both sides of the coin it’s sometimes easier and sometimes harder.

    The day Katie got in trouble at school she needed her mama to scoop her up and hug her close. The day Katie got in trouble at school her mama knew just what to do.

  7. Awe Dana, despite “getting in trouble,” I love that you scooped her up and smelled her hair. Just what every Mom wants to do to their baby, no matter how old…snuggle them!

  8. My girls are way past cuddling with me and letting me smell their hair (which is ok.. their teen hair is often gross), but they still get in trouble at school. I love that you comforted her and reminded her that mom’s love is unconditional.

    Memorize that smell. Memorize those hugs. They’ll sustain you through 13.

  9. How difficult for a child to understand what she did wrong when she is just being her effervescent self. Katie knows mama will make everything better and you did.

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