Day 1: Love Is a Thermostat

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. There were no roses, no candles, no chocolate in a heart shaped box. There was no romantic dinner or fancy date night. The only sign of romance was a Hallmark card that reminded us both that “love isn’t in the falling, it’s in the staying.”

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I didn’t even cook dinner. We had leftovers from the night before, and I ate standing at the kitchen counter before running out the door to take our oldest daughter to dance class. We enjoyed a giant chocolate chip cookie that declared “Happy Birthday, Daddy!” in blue frosting. We stuck a candle in a blob of blue frosting, turned out the lights, and watched him make a wish.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. I placed his wrapped gift on the table and gave him a kiss. “Happy birthday,” I smiled. It wasn’t a gold watch. It wasn’t a coupon for a massage. It wasn’t a gift card for a candlelit restaurant.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. We fell in love almost 25 years ago. My mom once told me she believes everyone has one great love of their life. He is definitely mine. We celebrated with leftovers and a gift box containing a new thermostat. Love is in the staying.


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Thirty-one days of stories. 

18 thoughts on “Day 1: Love Is a Thermostat

  1. I’m sometimes accused of living “in a dream world”, but you are very right! Love is in the staying, the ordinary, and the daily routines. I am thankful for that!

  2. “Love is in the staying.” Beautiful, Dana. I am lucky to have fallen in love 20 years ago this year, and agree with your mom– I am lucky to have one great love in my life. My birthday is Sunday. Thanks for the reminder of what is truly important. Gratitude!

  3. Being newly married myself, it’s nice to hear your beautiful view of the lived in, comfortable zone of a relationship.

  4. I really like your structure, starting every paragraph the same. You actually build a little drama as you get us to see inside the package! And of course I love the sentiment. “The staying” is a beautiful phrase.

  5. Oh, I’ve missed your writing, Dana. As always your piece cuts right to the heart of it all. “Love is in the staying.” Happy birthday to your husband. I’m so looking forward to reading your slices this month!

  6. “We celebrated with leftovers and a gift box containing a new thermostat.” This is real love! That fluffy magical stuff is a mask. Love this 🙂

  7. Dana,

    I got the chills while reading this. The repetition of “yesterday was my husbands birthday” put emphasis on the first point “love is staying”. You don’t have to pull out all the bells and whistles to show how much you love each other. Your love is deep.

  8. I have been pondering the words “love isn’t in the falling, it’s in the staying” several times since I read this on Day 1. I guess you could say I loved this post because it stayed with me:)

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