Go Go Go – Pause

We are traveling at the speed of light at the Murphy house. We wake up in the morning and we go, go, go until the girls are tucked in bed at night and then we collapse on the couch with a sigh. Go, go, go and then do it all again tomorrow.

I was already in Go Mode when I entered Maddie’s bedroom this morning at 6:15 AM.

“Time to get up, Maddie Moo,” I said into the silence. “Wake up, buttercup.” I gave her a shake.

I quickly walked over to her window, snapped up the shade with a flick of my wrist, and walked back towards her bed. What a pretty sky, I thought to myself as I walked away from the window.

I stopped. Something made me stop.

I walked back towards the window. I stood looking out the window, letting the seconds tick by. It really was a pretty sky – not yet lightened by the sun with violet puffs of cloud floating soundlessly across it. I watched the puffs of cloud cross the window. I exhaled and smiled to myself.

“Alright, come on, Maddie, rise and shine,” I called out as I walked away from the window.


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15 thoughts on “Go Go Go – Pause

  1. Beautiful post and I can relate. Something similar happened to me last night. As I was adjusting the shades of our slider, I caught a glimpse of a bright pink evening sky off in the distance. I just had to pause for a few moments to admire nature’s gift. We all need to slow down and savor these moments.

  2. Love the pause and am jealous of your 6:15. That is the time we’re nearing the school parking lot. I’ve always loved how I get the sunrise by the first class bell at 7, in exchange for the high school schedule.

  3. Sometimes it’s great to stop and notice the sky. I love the way you blended the action with the pause, and the two short sentences of pausing worked really well to slow the readers down, too. Great craft move!

    BTW, life doesn’t slow down for a while!

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