New Room, Old Tricks

Katie moved to a new room at her daycare. She is now in the four-year old preschool room with new routines and new teachers. Change is hard, of course, so I gave her a little extra love as I dropped her off Monday morning. I thought about her all day, wondering how she was adjusting.

I stepped through the door of her new room after work and surveyed the scene. I saw groups of kids gathered around Lincoln Logs and the kitchen area and the Play-Doh table. But where was Katie?

“Hi, Mrs. Murphy,” her teacher greeted me. “Katie had a great day, but she’s over there now,” she said gesturing to a bean bag chair in the corner of the room. I could see Katie’s braids peeking out from the sides of the book she was reading.

“Katie said her tummy hurt,” the teacher continued.

Oh I know this game, I thought to myself.

“Did you ask her to clean something up?” I questioned.

“Well, yes,” the teacher hesitated. “We were cleaning up for Centers.”

I shook my head in embarrassment.

“Katie, do you want to go watch Maddie get off the bus?” I said.

Katie leaped up out of the bean bag chair and skipped across the room. “The bus!” she exclaimed as she jumped up and down.

The teacher and I made eye contact, and she laughed.

“I see,” the teacher smiled.

New room, old tricks.

This is my Slice of Life Story. Share yours at Two Writing Teachers every Tuesday.

This is my Slice of Life Story. Share yours at Two  Teachers every Tuesday.


10 thoughts on “New Room, Old Tricks

  1. Lexi’s tummy ache that “worked” on Friday (Poppy came to pick her up) absolutely did not work yesterday. A few tears, then a nice day in first-grade.

  2. Katie’s certainly testing the waters. It worked yesterday, but it won’t work again today. She’ll learn what she can get away with. Good for you for showing her teacher how a preferred activity can change her tune. (Hopefully, her teacher will institute a first this-then that for her to help with the tummy aches.)

  3. Katie’s smarter than I ever was! I love the way you handled it, not making a big deal of anything, but making sure her teacher knows the score. I so enjoy your slices about your daughters.

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