Grown-Up Like a First Grader

I took Maddie shopping for some new school clothes. For all of Maddie’s life, she has basically been wearing the same brand of clothes – affordable, durable, cotton, washable, mix & match sets from the same department store. Much to my dismay, Maddie has outgrown our beloved brand of kid clothes, so we found ourselves in the “big kid” section of a different department store on Sunday morning.

Maddie immediately spied some clothing sets hanging on a nearby rack. Each set contained a pair of pants, a shirt, and a necklace and/or scarf. The designs were not the ice cream cones and rainbows we were used to, but rather a tribal print or an elegant depiction of the Eiffel Tower with a scrolling Paris written underneath. How very chic.

We found an empty fitting room, and Maddie tried on one of the outfits. I watched in amusement as she stared at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that. She struck a pose with her hand on her hip and smiled at her reflection. Without taking her eyes off herself she asked, “Can I get this Mommy?”

“Sure,” I replied, smiling.

“Mommy?” Maddie said as we left the fitting room. “I’ve been thinking. I’m not gonna act so much like Katie anymore. I’m gonna start acting more grown up. You know. Like a first-grader.”

I squeezed her hand, and we went to pay for her new clothes.


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12 thoughts on “Grown-Up Like a First Grader

  1. Your story reminds me of the youngest of my girls whom we called Miss Priss because she was grown up, even at six. Wonderful memories to share, and after reading your slice of life, I thank you for making my day better..

  2. Like watching a beautiful butterfly emerging from the cocoon, she is unfolding her wings. As I savored your slice of life (remembering my daughter at 6), I thought, You’d have missed that if you had done online shopping. Sigh.

  3. You’ve captured such a pivotal moment, and with so many wonderful details. I think we all felt like we were in that dressing room with you. But now begins the journey of dressing to please oneself vs. dressing to please others. I’d love to see a rework of this post when she begins fifth grade!

  4. I was waiting for your post. At last after one and half month of wait, here comes a little cute one. I can literally hear those cute thin voice in my head when I read “Mommy?”. It makes my day. Thank you 🙂

  5. Oh, sweet Maddie! She’s really growing up!

    I’m nervous about the day Isabelle doesn’t fit into those cozy cotton clothes and moves on to the department where there are coordinating scarves with the outfits. I’m ready for Kindergarten, but not for the big girl clothing department. Not yet.

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