Her Turn To Dance


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Katie has sat through three of Maddie’s dance recitals.  She has spent countless hours with me in the hallway of the park district building, waiting for Maddie’s dance class to end. She has watched the videos of Maddie’s recitals and memorized the dances.  She has worn Maddie’s retired recital outfits around the house, flitting from room to room in Maddie’s old ballet shoes.

As the younger sister, Katie has been playing the waiting game.  Waiting until till she’s older, waiting for her turn, waiting for a class for her age group that fits into our schedule. Poor Katie.

Last fall, I registered Katie for ballet class.  She literally jumped with joy when I told her. Then we got a call from the park district to tell us there was a misprint in the catalog. They were sorry, but Katie was actually not old enough to take the ballet class.  They were sorry, but Katie would have to wait.  I felt my heart break in two when I told Katie.  My tears mixed with hers as I tried to hug away her sadness.

All of this is to explain why my eyes filled with tears this morning when I finally got Katie dressed for her very first ballet class.  It is why I snapped a million pictures when all the other moms just sat and watched.  It is is why Katie was the only ballerina smiling ear to ear during the entire class this morning.

Today was Katie’s day.  She finally got her turn to dance.

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16 thoughts on “Her Turn To Dance

  1. So wonderful for Katie! My youngest had the same waiting and watching game. She so wanted to be with and like their older sibs. So glad Katie is having her turn!

  2. Yay for Katie finally having her turn!
    BTW: Marc and I cannot decide what to do with Isabelle’s dance costume since it’s almost too small on her. (They measured her for it back in January.) LMK if you think Katie would like to have it for dancer dress-up. It’s been worn only twice.

      • I will do it as soon as I can sneak to the post office without Isabelle. That will take me a couple of weeks since Isabelle is out of school, but I’ll definitely send it! Isabelle is a 5T now. As long as Katie is that size of smaller I’ll send it your way. (Hair bow too!)

  3. Oh what a sweet smile! I could use that one for my Facebook smile project! I can relate to Katie as I was three years behind my sister and it seemed like I waited so long sometimes. I am so glad Katie has finally gotten to dance!

  4. Aww. Katie is truly adorable.

    And could some people check out my blog, please? 🙂 I’ve only ever had 3 visitors on my site and I’d love to have a few more!

    And Katie’s smile is just perfect! What a little cutie :3

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