Sweet Reminder

I walked out of the district office with my principal, chatting as we made our way to our cars.  Our conversation was punctuated by the sound of our heels hitting the pavement, and I struggled to shrug my computer bag back up to my shoulder.  Our minds were reeling with possibilities after our mid-day planning meeting for next year, and we talked about School Improvement plans and benchmarking systems and data sources.  My principal glanced at her watch.  “We can talk more next week,” she said as we parted ways.

I tossed my bag in the back seat and turned the key in the ignition.  A tired sigh escaped my mouth, and I leaned my head back on the driver’s seat, letting the air from the A/C wash across my face.  I straightened up and turned around to check my blind spot before backing out of my parking spot.  My eyes landed on the car seats:

Sweet Reminder

A giggle escaped my mouth at the sight of these unexpected guests. No wonder it took the girls so long to exit the car this morning at daycare!  I had stood filled with impatience, tapping my foot in the daycare parking lot.

Sometimes, I think, the universe sends you just the reminder you need.  All the talk of School Improvement Plans benchmarking systems and data sources disappeared, and I was reminded of what waits for me at home after a day’s work.

Two little girls who take such sweet care of their babies.


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19 thoughts on “Sweet Reminder

  1. What a terrific SOL! Thank you so much for sharing such a fun moment from your life! I don’t have children, and I know I miss out on joys such as this. How wonderful your girls are!

  2. What a sweet slice of life! And the perfect way to end a day of punctuated by “…School Improvement plans and benchmarking systems and data sources.” with this exclamation mark riding behind you in the back seat!

  3. This post is a winner! It says everything about the exhaustion of the teaching life, and the sweetness of what life is really all about. Those two girls of yours must have learned to be such good caretakers from someone….

  4. That’s excellent! It’d be interesting to see how many minutes we spend waiting for our kids to get in and out of our car seats. With that time we could probably solve a lot of the world’s problems, but their use of time is much cuter 😉

  5. This is too cute! I love reading your slices about your daughters, they sound like two very special little girls!

  6. That is so cute! I love it! I could totally see my little daughter doing that! She is always pushing her babies (or stuffed animals or whatever she can find) in strollers or in the play carseat, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she strapped then in her own seat! It would bring a smile to my face, so I’m sure it brought one to yours 🙂

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