Pitter Patter

Maddie and Katie have separate bedrooms but often request a ‘sleepover’ on the weekends.  They squeeze into one bed with their combined assortment of blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows.  “Sleep tight, blow out the light,” I’ll say, closing the door behind me.  The giggles will start before my foot hits the staircase and will continue late into the night.  I don’t mind.  This is what weekends and sisters were made for.

This was the scene at our house Saturday night. The girls were upstairs giggling and my husband and I settled on the couch for a movie.  Eventually the girls quieted down, and I thought they had fallen asleep.

My husband and I were almost halfway into the movie when I heard footsteps upstairs.  Pitter-patter.  Pitter-patter. The little steps pattered across Katie’s room and back again.  Then, animated voices.  Were they awake again?

My husband pressed pause, and I trudged up the stairs.  I nudged the bedroom door open and peered through the darkness.  Maddie was fast asleep, curled on the edge of Katie’s bed, her pink blanket clutched under her chin. Katie, on the other hand, was very busy. I saw a lopsided stack of books teetering on the blanket.  The nightlight was propped up on pillows so that it shone directly on the picture book she was holding in her hand.  Katie was sitting up, holding the book open so her stuffed animals could see the pictures.  And she was reading.  Loudly.

“Katie,” I whispered.  “It’s time to go to sleep, honey.”

“I only have a few more, Mommy,” she whispered back, resting her hand atop the large pile of books next to her.

“Not now, Katie,” I replied as I gently removed the books from her bed.  “You can read the books tomorrow.”

I tucked Katie in under her blanket and returned the nightlight to its rightful place.  I crept back downstairs and settled back into the recliner.

“What was going on up there?” my husband asked.

“Katie was reading,” I answered with a smile on my face.


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20 thoughts on “Pitter Patter

  1. What a delight! My two are fans of the weekend sleepover too.

    Your description of the scene you found when you went to investigate is charming.

  2. What a sweet memory! It brought back my own memories of when I used to sneak out of bed to read. Great post!

  3. Um, yeah, that’s the best! I love Katie’s reason for staying up late!

    Sister sleepovers sound wonderful! Isabelle won’t ever have that, but we sometimes do weekend sleepovers with each other (about four times a year). It is a special treat.

  4. You’ve captured another unforgettable family memory with your beautiful words. Pitter, patter overhead…I can just hear the footsteps when everything is supposed to be quiet! Reading to her stuffed animals? Who could be displeased about that!

  5. You stirred a memory! Sitting under my blanket, late at night, with a flashlight, reading a Donald Duck book. Thrilling! I can still taste the sheer joy of it! Your writing is beautiful, Dana! The dialog makes the sweetness in the scene come alive!

  6. Just recently, my daughter shared that her two littles decided to have a “sleepover”…same as your girls. Since I shared a room with two sisters, sleepovers in our house were non-existent, they were just the norm. I love the part about the reading. You must be doing something right!

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