All My Heart

The daycare hosted a Mother’s Day Tea yesterday, so after a long day at work I dragged myself through the rainy parking lot and into the daycare.  I shrugged off my coat and sighed a deep sigh.  I was tired, hungry, and thinking about the laundry piled up at home.

The gym was decorated for the occasion.  We had tea (or water) in fancy cups.  We snacked on fruit and sweet treats.  We took silly pictures in the photo booth. The girls made bracelets out of pipe cleaners and beads.

I sat at the table covered in a pink tablecloth watching Maddie and Katie string the beads on the bracelet.  I took in the unruly curls surrounding Katie’s face and the freckles forming on the bridge of Maddie’s nose.  I saw myself in Maddie’s eyes and my husband in the curve of Katie’s mouth.  I noticed how Maddie’s bracelet was an alternating pattern and Katie’s was a haphazard mix of colors.  It felt so good to sit.

I was suddenly interrupted by Katie’s voice.  “See this heart-shaped bead, Mommy?”

I nodded.

“It’s because I love you wiff all my heart.”

She slipped the bracelet on my wrist, and I kissed her cheek.  The tired, the hungry, and the laundry disappeared.


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17 thoughts on “All My Heart

  1. We’ve all been there…exhausted, wishing we could be home but pushing ourselves to our limit so as not to disappoint our kids. And, yet, somehow being so exhausted puts us in a space where we do notice things we wouldn’t otherwise…like the family resemblances…as you gazed at your daughters’ faces from your exhausted perch. Good for you for going the extra mile and then being rewarded!

  2. What a lovely post. I remember wearing a bright green papier mache heart necklace my son made for me often – and the joy in his smile when he saw it. What a treasure your daughter made for you.

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