I miss my kids.

They haven’t gone anywhere and neither have I.  We are right here together, yet not really. We are just going, going, going.  Between work and school and homework and swim class and appointments and bath nights and dance class and BBQs…

I leaned in the car yesterday to buckle Katie in her car seat after swim class.  Her hair hung in perfect wet ringlets around her face.  Her smile showed both her teeth and her pride after swimming boldly and bravely.  I miss you I thought.

When a thought like that enters your mind, you listen.  You clear your To-Do list for Tuesday night.  You cancel your plans to be productive.  You watch the clock at work all day.  You drive straight to the daycare and you bend down for a hug and you kiss their cheeks and you breathe and you say, “Let’s go home and play.”


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29 thoughts on “Listen

  1. uh-this literally brought tears to my eyes. It does feel good to know that other people feel overwhelmed by all the demands in society these days. And NOTHING is better than putting it all aside for some swinging, coloring, hugging and cuddling! Enjoy!

  2. That’s exactly what you do! Clear that list. It can wait. My daughter is 12 now and I remember when she first started school and how much I missed her and hated school for taking those hours from me.

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet. You show such wisdom as mom, to clear your schedule just to be and play together. You don’t want to miss being with your kids. They grow so so fast and we can’t turn back time.

  4. Your slices always get me. You write so exquisitely beautifully about your children and your love for them. What a gift this will be for them in years to come, and for you as well, for these moments you captured and held. I’m a better mom for reading your writing.

  5. I read your slice earlier today and it’s been in my head all day. I’ve been hyper aware – listening to my inner voice – wondering if there is anything I should be listening to, paying attention to. This one really had me thinking. That’s what a fantastic piece of writing does for us.

  6. “I am sorry, but I have a prior commitment” needs to be in everyone’s vocabulary so that what matters most in the world is at the top of the list and not somewhere, IF you can fit it, or them, or yourself in…
    So Brava for knowing that the kids matter most. The work will still be there tomorrow.

  7. Wow! The way you expressed that is perfect! Time is so precious and it goes by so fast. My youngest son is 22 now and sometimes I still have dreams of him as a baby when I wake up It takes me a minute before I realize that it was only a dream and he is not my baby anymore…my melancholy moment lol. I miss him as well.

  8. This post is beautifully written and shares such an important message. I think the key word is LISTEN. Your inner voice will always tell you what you need to do.

  9. Oooh yes! It’s important to recognise those thoughts and feelings, and just as important to act on them too. Our precious children are only little for a little while. There are too many moments to treasure to let them all slip by. Enjoy every moment!

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