“I can’t do it,” Maddie wailed through her tears.

I gasped dramatically.  “What did you say?” I asked in mock disbelief.  “You are NOT allowed to say those words in this house!”

Maddie stopped crying and stared at me.  “What words?” she asked.

I can’t.  It’s okay to say I feel scared or I’m still learning or I can’t do it YET, but we don’t say I can’t.”

The tears started falling again.  “I can’t do it yet,” Maddie wailed.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said, grabbing her hand.  “Get your helmet.”

Together we walked towards the pink bike resting on the garage floor now that it had been stripped of its training wheels.  We approached the bike, and I knelt down on one knee.  “Maddie, you are the bravest kid I know.  You can do this.”

“Don’t let go, Mommy,” she sniffled.  “Please don’t let go.”

“I pinky promise I won’t let go.”

We locked pinkies, and I pulled her in for a hug.

“I feel scared, Mommy,” she sobbed.

We locked eyes.  Maddie took a deep breath and got on the bike.  As promised, I didn’t let go.



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19 thoughts on “Yet

  1. Wonderful slice. I actually felt the end nip at me a bit as my heart made a connection to my mother and losing her. Also, being a mother is tricky in knowing when to pinky promise to hold on and when you should let go on certain things. Love this.

  2. Great story. It brought back memories of both my boys learning how to ride their bikes. I think I was more afraid than they were!

  3. Thanks for sharing – There is a small pink bike hanging high in our garage. I had many a day with my daughter on that bike – using the little word yet – not yet but soon! Good luck with the bike riding – it will come!

  4. You need to read Chris Raschka’s book: Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle. We had many many many attempts and trials before letting go. Love the conversations you are having … we have those same conversations here too! So important for the growth mindset. Yet is so little but so powerful! Love how you ended the slice too of not letting go … yet. Keep trying! You can do it Maddie! We believe in you!!!

  5. It is not just about letting go or not. It is about the fact that children learn not from what you say but what you do! And subconsciously it goes on to the next generation!! You just kept the chain links in place which is so very important!!!

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