You Make It Gooder


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“Can I watch you, Mommy?”

I hear these words often from Katie when I am cooking in the kitchen.  I sometimes feel annoyed because it’s easier and quicker to just prepare the meal myself, but I smile and say yes, of course and lift her up to the counter to watch.  This familiar scene played itself out Sunday night.

“Want to help?” I asked.

Katie and I chopped and mixed and measured and layered the ingredients.  We chatted while we worked about vegetables and gardens and monkeys and ballet. I set the casserole in the oven to bake, and forty-five minutes later we gathered around the table to eat.

“This is really good,” my husband said with his mouth full.

“It is good,” Katie agreed, spooning another heap into her mouth.  “Probably because I helped so much.  I made it gooder.”

I smiled across the table.

You sure did, Katie.  You make everything gooder.

Lil Helper

My Little Helper


15 thoughts on “You Make It Gooder

  1. Although I agree, it certainly agree that having help doesn’t speed up the process, I think Katie hit on something big. It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing, it is always better when you have someone else there.

  2. Dana,
    The idea of being a “helper” is such a critical stance for our children in school settings. Life is not always about competitiveness and the highest score. Katie has it right- love and an extra pair of hands makes it “gooder”!

  3. We need to slow down and include our kids in everything. The talk, the strategy, the connection, the process (even revision sometimes) are all critical to being a reader, writer and human!! I worry that kids are being left out of so much in our quest to be more efficient. I am so glad she asked and you said yes!!! It is definitely gooder in so many ways!!

    Thank you

  4. She sure did! What a gift to engage her with you. Down the line a passion may be born and nurtured and just when you are ready to let me step up, she will be prepared for it.

  5. Totally. Nice picture too. Worth keeping.
    Wish I had taken one last week when I made tortillas with my 5 yr old. They’re her favorite. Out of 16, she rolled 6 all by herself–and proudly announced it to her older sisters. That moment of announcement–and “gooder”–ha ha! Nice.

  6. I love those moments with my kids. They grow so fast and soon they’ll be cooking all by themselves!

  7. I don’t think it can be any “gooder”, Dana, with a sweet girl like you have. I love cooking with my granddaughters, & they’re getting better!

  8. You remind me I’m grateful my mom let me in the kitchen to learn to cook — and to help, unlike her mother before. And my younger daughter was fascinated with the kitchen — and became a chef (until she became a nurse.)

    Letting children be our partners, our helpers even, validates them.

  9. Awesome slice , its warming hearing that patience still over-shadows annoyance lol , looking forward to the next slice .

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