Making the Scared Go Away

Maddie has been working on being brave for a couple of years now.  Somehow be brave became our mantra, and we’ve talked at length about what it means to be brave.  Maddie has used our little mantra to conquer her fears at the park, to make new friends, to learn how to ride her bike, and countless other feats.

Now it is Katie’s turn.

“I like going to swim lessons, but I don’t want to put my face in the water,” Katie confided.

“You have to be brave, Katie.  Do you know the secret to being brave?” I asked.  Katie shook her head.  “To make the scared go away you have to do the thing you’re feeling scared about.  If you’re feeling scared about putting your face in the water, there’s only way to stop feeling scared.  You have to put your face in.”

“Then the scared will go away?”

“Yes, sweetie.  Little by little, the scared will go away.”

Katie snuggled in close, and I wrapped my arms around her.

Be brave, little Kate, be brave. It is your mantra now, too.


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17 thoughts on “Making the Scared Go Away

  1. There must be some magic to the age Katie is – she’s getting out there in the world more – and finding more stuff to be scared of. Makes sense. This is a mantra we can all get our heads around! I remember when i was a kid I wanted to swim so badly but every summer I was afraid all over again. I had a favorite life guard that was there for me every year the pool re-opened. She helped me to be brave. I was so lucky!

  2. I wish I had learned such a wonderful lesson when I was young. My standard strategy for dealing with fear was either become invisible or run away. As an adult I still handle a few situations in the same manner. In retrospect I may have been a Fainting Goat in my previous life.

  3. What a great way to help your children face their fears. I like how you said it would make the fear go away a little at a time…because that is so true. What a way to encourage your daughter to take that first step. I hope others read this and share it.

  4. Exactly right. The grand-girls just finished their big-time skiing this year, and those first times were so hard according to my daughter. But, once down the slope, once on the lift, etc., the scared went away. Great advice, Momma!

  5. It is so true — the worst part is the anticipation! Once you experience it, it is never as bad as we think it will be. Such a lovely slice of a parent – child moment. Thank you for sharing. Be brave — I will remember that one!!

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