Day 27: Tough Questions

“Mom, is the Easter Bunny real?  After we took our picture with him, I gave him a high five.  I felt a hand – like a person hand – under his fur.  I think he was wearing a costume.”

My heart sank.  I looked from Maddie to Katie to Maddie again.  I didn’t know what to say, and the sight of their big brown eyes looking up at me and waiting for an answer was too much to bear.

“Well, I, uh, I guess – ”

“I mean, I know he’s real,” Maddie continued.  “Of course the Easter Bunny is real.  I know that.  I just mean…maybe that wasn’t really him?”

“Maybe,” I said so quietly I’m sure neither of them heard me.

And just like that, their conversation turned to another topic and they were done discussing the existence of the Easter Bunny.

I exhaled.

Fleeting.  It’s all so fleeting.  One moment I am shopping for baby toys for Maddie’s very first Easter basket and the next moment I am holding my breath and hoping she’ll believe for just one more year.

Just like that and it’s gone.



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19 thoughts on “Day 27: Tough Questions

  1. Easter Bunny, Santa, you know what I always said, both our magical, both are the spirit of the holiday, both our within our hearts. Heck I still believe in the spirit of Santa and I’m 61 years old! Keep the spirit alive I say!

  2. I was having dinner with my grown children and my parents the other night and this subject came up because I slipped. Then I looked over at my niece staring at me. She is 14. Breath released. Surely she doesn’t believe anymore. We all laughed and enjoyed talking about when we learned the truth. My sister-in-law talked about how she told her oldest before she was really ready to know, and how she cried. Parenting can be so hard. I loved when our kids believed. It was magical, but also stressful. So much hiding and lying. They grow up. They survive, and somehow they love you for the magical lies.

  3. Magic takes work! So much preparation, stealth, and organization! We want our kids to become ‘wonderers’, but sometimes that leads to questioning the magic. I have found that it’s truly ok when it is gone. Sure, you’ll miss it, but wait until you see what replaces it. It’s all quite wonderful!

  4. My daughter came to me once and announced that she KNEW there was no such thing as a Tooth Fairy. I asked her why she was so certain? She said that her brother had told her. After giving her brother the stink eye, I said “Great! Your father won’t have to wear that silly Tooth Fairy outfit anymore.” Then she said, “There IS an Easter Bunny though, right?” I said “Of course!” and reminded myself to get THAT costume cleaned because her father smeared chocolate on it last year.

  5. Ahhhh! I know this feeling! They’re so on the cusp of pulling back that curtain and seeing the wizard. 😦 I’ll be so sad when it comes.

  6. My children are now teenager. I wouldn’t change them for the world, but I do miss that innocence. Public holidays lose their magic as the children get older.

  7. We believe in the magic of it all here, but there have been questions. We also talk about all the helpers — Santa helpers and Bunny helpers. They already have important jobs, they can’t possibly be everywhere …. so there are many helpers. If that helps … 🙂

  8. My heart aches right along with you as I read this post. My four-year-old asked me (innocently and cluelessly) if I’m Santa at Christmas…I find myself hanging on to every scrap of the magic for as long as I can!

  9. I held my breath as I was reading! I’m so glad that moment passed quickly and I’m hoping Maddie has a couple more years of the magic that the Easter Bunny brings!

  10. The question I got was “How does the Easter bunny get in?” From my three year old. The. His older brother, 5, chimed in with “He burrows in the ground to the crawl space.” We had to go find evidence. Luckily I had some fiberglass insulation that I quickly tore off and passed as fur.
    It does go so quickly.

  11. I never knew how hard it would be to keep the magic going! They ask so many questions that I’m never quite prepared for! I hope you can have the fun and magic a few more years 🙂

  12. I had my daughter ask me the same question about Santa when she was 5. She ended up answering her own question to which I agreed and she still believes in the Tooth fairy, Santa, Easter bunny and fairies and she’s twice that age now. After watching the movie ‘Rise of the Guardians’, we use the same philosophy – they will not be real to you if you don’t believe in them. Childhood is fun and precious, imaginations should run wild.

  13. Our boys never asked about the truth of the existence of our magical creatures. It became an awful game of “magical creature chicken” — them not wanting to ask and me not willing to tell and potentially ruin their childhood. 🙂
    We survived and I sure hope they bring the magic when they have kids. 🙂

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