Day 25: A Memory and Some Magic

Putting Katie to bed each night takes some finesse.  Her room can be too hot or too cold or too dark.  Her pajamas can be too tight or too big or too boring.  Her leg can itch, her arm can hurt, her toe could be scratchy.  She might need a drink or a hug or another kiss.  If you’re going to put Katie to bed, you need a little extra time and a little extra patience.

I was running low on both of those things last night.  She was tucked in under the blankets, but I could see her mind working to come up with a reason to stop me as I walked towards her bedroom door.

“Good night, Katie.  I love you,” I said.

And then I remembered.

My sister and I tucked in under our blankets, my mom standing at our bedroom door (probably low on time and low on patience).  “Good night, sleep tight, blow out the light,” she would say.  We would blow and instantly the room would darken.  Magic.

How had I forgotten?

“Good night, sleep tight, blow out the light,” I said to Katie.  She sat up and looked at me quizzically.  “Blow,” I said again with a smile, my finger on the light switch.  Katie blew and instantly the room darkened. I could sense Katie’s smile as she lay her head on the pillow, content with the magic she had performed.


I’m writing a Slice of Life Story every day for the month of March as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. See more at Two Writing Teachers.


20 thoughts on “Day 25: A Memory and Some Magic

  1. As a mom, you must have a few tricks up your sleeve at all times. Trust me, they come in handy as a grandmom, too, so fill up your arsenal. Cute post!

  2. How cool that you remembered that moment as a little girl all bundled up in bed with your sister while you were trying to get Katie ready for sleep. I thought she was going to get the better of you again, but you’re too quick for her!!!

  3. This is a keeper- both the tradition and the writing!
    Mind if I add it to our family traditions as well?!
    Your line about realizing your own mom was probably out of time and patience at those moments but didn’t show it is a lovely element to your story.

  4. Sounds like your mom was still working her magic last night when you recalled that memory. Such fun to keep the tradition going. It would make a great children’s book…

  5. I am putting this in my toolbox for when I’m babysitting my nieces. The will be so impressed with themselves I won’t have to tuck them in again!

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