Day 21: Afternoon Coffee


My doctor made the recommendation that I forego my afternoon cup of coffee.  Something about energy and crashing and sugar and I-don’t-know-what-else-because-I-stopped-listening.

Listen, buddy, that coffee is everything to me.

It is the bridge between instructional coach and mom, where I am neither of those things. It is a quiet car ride home, the steam rising from the top of the Styrofoam mug.  It is a few warm sips while I chat with old friends on Voxer.  It is a couple of silent minutes in the parking lot of the daycare.  It is just me and my coffee and a few deep breaths before the tumble of homework and dinner and bath time and bed time.  It is a Mommy, I missed you and you smell like coffee hug when my little Katiebug runs into my arms.  It is I missed you too, Katie. So much.  It is one hand around the cup, the other in Maddie’s hand as I listen to her day and hope she never stops talking to me like this.  It is the day is almost over and tomorrow I can do it again.

It is everything.

Not gonna happen, buddy.  Not gonna happen.


I’m writing a Slice of Life Story every day for the month of March as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. See more at Two Writing Teachers.


24 thoughts on “Day 21: Afternoon Coffee

  1. Dana–you have such a gift for weaving everything together in your posts–your thoughts, your actions, dialogue, etc–into a wonderful whole. Also, the use of hyphens here: “I-don’t-know-what-else-because-I-stopped-listening” was perfect. Instead of going cold turkey, maybe 1/2 caff?

  2. That’s a beautiful slice! I KNOW I have to give up my afternoon cup but you beautifully captured all that it means! I love the idea of the cup of coffee being the “you” time that bridges your roles as coach and mom. Great post!

  3. I, too, enjoy reading your posts. There is always an interesting wrap around to the title, which I find difficult to do. Thanks for a great little read.
    A question: s it the caffeine you are looking for, or is it the taste of the coffee you want?

  4. Your doctor is probably on to something in his recommendation, but I completely understand the need for that late afternoon pickup. The 1/2 caffeine, 1/2 decaf is not a bad idea to at least try. You might also want to wean yourself on to tea. I’ve been doing that and it seems I’m not crashing like I used to. Bridges are important, so you must find a way.

  5. Okay, Mom … I’m going out on a limb here and say… I hear you loud and clear. But I also see that there IS one thing (okay, two) that might be a bit more than the everything that coffee is to you … so for their sake, consider switching to 1/2 caff!

  6. Oh my gosh – I got all teary as I read this. I love everything that exists in those in between lit coach and mommy moments. How aware you are of the need to refuel and renew yourself so that you can truly BE both of those things. I think what really got me though was this:

    It one hand around the cup, the other in Maddie’s hand as I listen to her day and hope she never stops talking to me like this.

    I had to go off coffee – HATED it! But it has been incredibly helpful . . . I “do” decaf. Starbucks actually tastes almost like the real deal.

    Hugs to you and to Katiebug & Maddie – thank you for sharing this beautiful insight.

  7. yeah my coffee is definitely the swinging bridge between work and home. I could do decaf, but not without the 1/2 n 1/2. Doctors don’t always know the precarious lives we lead between the Fun House with crazy mirrors and the Home House with the real ones.

  8. It’s a great slice as always Dana, but . . . there is a reason your Dr. recommended this to you. How about you meet him in the middle and drink decaf? It will be hard at first, but may be worth the sacrifice. . . just saying 😉

  9. I laughed when you said, “Something about energy and crashing and sugar and I-don’t-know-what-else-because-I-stopped-listening.” It’s as if you were there thinking right then and there with the doctor of all the reasons why you WERE going to keep that cup of coffee for you.
    I say, you do what you got to do.

  10. Good for you .. she said as she reached for her coffee.
    Grades are due tomorrow. And I just got the kids to bed. I’m right there with ya!

    Here’s to Mommy POWER!!

  11. Don’t listen to those guys, they are so opinionated! They take the fun out of anything! I realized this weekend that I am addicted to Red Bull. When I don’t have it I don’t function. I don’t think this is a good thing. However it gets me through, so I am keeping on that path. Keep on that coffee, because I don’t want to deal with you without it!:)

  12. Love your humor.
    And I understand your pain. Sometimes the joy of the coffee is greater than the energy and crashing and sugar.
    I went from coffee to hot water. Not the same, it is not.

  13. Really love this piece. You beautifully capture this moment that’s part of your daily routine. For me, that’s what I love most about coffee–even more than the coffee. It means something in the context of the rituals and routines and habits that structure my life.

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