Day 19: Stories

“Mrs. Murphy, I’m calling to tell you about something that happened on the bus this afternoon…”

There are so many stories to tell.

I could tell the story of how shocked I was to receive this phone call from the principal of my daughter’s school.

I could tell the story of how Maddie made a bad decision on the bus.

I could tell the story of how the principal’s grace and tenderness towards Maddie spoke volumes about her character and her leadership.

I could tell the story of how it felt to be so far away from my daughter who was heartbroken and embarrassed and worried and scared.

I could tell the story of how a new friend at my new job lent a listening ear and put my heart at ease.

I could tell the story of how Maddie handled herself with a maturity and thoughtfulness I didn’t know she had.

I could tell the story of how Maddie learned some important lessons about being a friend.

There are just so many stories to tell.  



I’m writing a Slice of Life Story every day for the month of March as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. See more at Two Writing Teachers.




18 thoughts on “Day 19: Stories

  1. You have such a gift, Dana. I love the way you use words to say much more than the words themselves. I’m so glad it worked out for Maddie and you both had supportive people to help you. I’m sure lessons were learned…

  2. Wow, Dana! An amazing piece, so simple yet so unbelievably heartfelt! You are so right on with the stories, that one phone call could have! Awesome . . .

  3. Oh you did SUCH a great job with this! As someone who has a hard time whittling down, I so admire how you keep true to the seed moment. You said so much with so little.

  4. And yet you let us connect the dots and experience the story with you – step by step. The craft allowed me to piece the story together as you had to as a parent. Very clever and powerful…

  5. This is a problem I have. I have so many tidbits saved from my day and I’d love to tell the story of all of them. Choosing has always been my biggest struggle because every story begs to be told.

    I love how you gave us a taste of your day, though, by sprinkling the moments around.

  6. Neat perspective! I like the way that you told the various stories in a way that helped us to get the whole, big story without you really telling that at all!

  7. I really liked the format you used to keep the reader thinking deeply about all the layers of the story. I hope everything turned out okay, broken hearts were healed, and no one felt too badly in the end.

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