Day 18: A Little Break

Every day, I leave work and drive to daycare to pick up the girls.

Every day, we come home to have a snack and start homework.

Every day, I make dinner.

It’s always the same, day after day.  I’m not complaining; I honestly don’t mind.  I love picking the girls up from daycare and seeing their sweet faces.  I love how they clamor for my attention in the car, each of them with stories from their day.  I love how Katie wants to sit on my lap while I open the mail.  I love how Maddie does her homework at the kitchen table and tells me about everything she is learning at kindergarten.  I love how the smell of dinner starts to fill the kitchen.

But yesterday my husband had a rare day off work.  He sent me a text saying he would pick up the girls.  So, instead of going home I drove to my sister’s house.  “You’re just in time for coffee,” she said when I opened her door.

I sat at my sister’s table and wrapped my hands around the warm mug.  We talked about nothing and everything and a little bit of something.  No one was sitting on my lap or tugging at my shirt or demanding my attention.  It was lovely.

When I finally arrived home, Katie came running towards me for a hug. “Mommy!” she squealed, jumping up and down impatiently while I tried to set down my bags.  Maddie was already talking to me before I even entered the kitchen.  I gave my husband a quick kiss and sat down at the kitchen table.  Katie crawled into my lap and I looked through the mail as Maddie spilled all the details of her day.

“What’s for dinner?” my husband wondered.

I could still taste the coffee.


I’m writing a Slice of Life Story every day for the month of March as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. See more at Two Writing Teachers.


21 thoughts on “Day 18: A Little Break

    • It’s called Slice of Life Story Challenge and it is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers website. People write a story every day for the month of March and share their link. Check it out at Two Writing Teachers.

  1. Perfect ending. One sentence. Brings us back to that mug you wrapped your hands around at your sister’s. I felt like it was a nod to “Calgon, take me away!” as you could feel your night ramping up again as it was time to make dinner!

  2. I hope you had take out! Sounded like the perfect “get away” even if for just a little while. Why ruin the moment with making dinner 😉

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. What a lovely slice. I know as a busy working mama I totally relate to this post. There is nothing that makes me feel so appreciated as my hubby texting me—babe, I’ll pick up dinner tonight…or babe, I’m taking the girls to the park to give you some time.

  4. Almost… and yet so far!!! That was my thought with your powerful ending! We all can feel your feelings – we have all been there!! It is a great life, but it is exhausting. Glad you took a moment for yourself.

  5. It’s so nice to have time to ourselves. I wish there was more time to sit and talk. I love the line about “talking about nothing and everything and little bit of something”. It makes the reader feel like you were truly taking that time for yourself. For whatever you wanted it to be.

  6. Your repetition of everyday mirrors the repetitiveness of your evening ritual. And it is funny that even with a slight detour, all seek comfort in returning to “normal”. Great way to end it!

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