Up, Mommy?

Katie has been going through a phase lately where she wants to be picked up and carried. She will stop walking suddenly and ask, “Up, Mommy?” She wants to be carried up the stairs and across the parking lot and down the hallway and through the store.

At four years old, she is getting heavy but one of these times will be the last time she asks, so I oblige.

Her and I were walking out of the bathroom at the home electronics and appliance store last night on our way to find Maddie and my husband.  We had been shopping for quite some time, and I was ready to go home.  “Up, Mommy?” I heard Katie say.

I looked down at her and sighed.  There she stood in her little winter boots with her arms outstretched towards me.  I let out another sigh, shrugged my purse further up on my shoulder, and bent down to lift her.  With a heave, I picked Katie up and started walking.  My arms ached under her weight.

“Why do you always want me to carry you, Katie?” I said with yet another sigh, not really expecting an answer.

“Because I love you, Momma,” Katie answered as she settled her head on my shoulder.

I stopped walking.  She lifted her face to look at me, and I planted a kiss on her cheek.  She smiled and lay her head down on my shoulder again.

She felt smaller somehow as I carried her across the rest of the store.


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19 thoughts on “Up, Mommy?

  1. Wow! Katie’s gift to you – sharing her love by physically being close. What an awesome answer! ❤ Tears of joy and love for a moment of motherhood that you captured so beautifully!

  2. Before I even read your slice Dana I answered your question . . . why I carry my 4 year old? Because she still wants me to! No other words needed 🙂

  3. Oh sigh, this got me. I have two 13 year olds and I will tell you – what I wouldn’t give to be able to have that carry, hold close parent child feeling again with them. It’s of course different now but hang on and hold up!

  4. She will always find a way to squeeze on your lap or snuggle next to you when she needs you… it changes but the love and need will always be there! I was lifting my purse strap with you –loved how you captured this moment so we were right there with you!

  5. So sweet…and you are so right, one day it will be the last time, but it will slip by without you knowing it is the last…glad you are cherishing this time with a sweet girl who explains so much with her simple words “because I love you.”

  6. Great slice! My daughter used to say, “Hold me like a maiden.” (Perhaps she watched too many Disney princess movies?) Miss those days…thanks for sharing your sweet moment with Katie.

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