I was walking through the living room on my way to grab another pile of clothes for the laundry when I glanced in her direction.

Maybe it was the way she was sitting on the couch, her legs tucked up underneath her.   Or maybe it was the way her hair was pulled away from her face, her long curls gently falling down her back.

Whatever it was, it stopped me dead in my tracks.

Maddie, I said in a breathless whisper.

Maddie looked up at me and smiled.

You look so grown up, I said softly.

She smiled again, shrugged, and looked back towards the TV.

I stood there staring and felt a lump in my throat.  

Maddie, can I take a quick picture of you?  


But the moment was already gone, like so many others.


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19 thoughts on “Stopped

  1. Love this moment, Dana, and your throat-lumping recognition of the changes in your daughter. The years gather speed as they pass and though there are new rewards, I miss those sweet days of my children’s childhood. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ahh, those moments that fleet by. No camera can take the picture you feel with your heart and soul. Your words offer a better piece of the moment. By the way, don’t miss Margaret Simon’s post and Tara’s word about motherhood. Killed me. I think you’d love as well.

  3. I understand what’s happening with Maddie. We’ve noticed Isabelle’s face starting to change. She’s getting older before our eyes. It makes me wonder where the time is going.

  4. It all happens too fast! I struggle with trying to soak everything up, optimize every minute; only to realize I’ve missed the connection. As you said, “the moment was gone” but always remember the connections stay forever.

  5. I remember a similar moment with my youngest. He was not yet a teen, his voice had yet to drop, still a foot shy of his full height, but as he greeted me as he walked in the door from school one afternoon, I saw the man. That was the moment it hit me that while he was, and at 32 years old still is, my baby, he really was not a baby anymore. I remember I wanted to cry, they grow so fast!

    “I close my eyes, only for a moment, but the moment’s gone…”

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