A Good Life

The place was loud and crowded, but thankfully we had found a few seats at the bar.  My husband and I were grateful for the night out and to be in the company of friends.  As we ordered another round of drinks, the conversation turned to what it means to live a good life.

I imagined Maddie and Katie, all grown up, and thought about what I wished for them.  Tears came to my eyes.   I listened as my husband and friends debated the importance of a college education, of a comfortable income, and of doing what you love.  As they tried to define the threshold requirements for living a good life, the tears slipped down my cheeks.

My friends probably thought it was the idea of a grown-up Maddie and Katie that was causing my tears.  Or maybe they thought it was the beer.  They were wrong.

The tears were because I know about living a good life.

I sat in that loud and crowded place, nearing the end of a winter break that was filled with family and laughter and beautifully ordinary moments. I sat at my husband’s side, surrounded by friends who feel more like family, imagining the endless possibilities that lie ahead of my sweet, sweet daughters.  Yes, I know about living a good life.

This.  This is a very good life.


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23 thoughts on “A Good Life

  1. Dana, I hear you on celebrating the ordinary moments. They are special. I also like to celebrate with friends and family in spontaneous gatherings. There is a warmth to those connections that are dear to me.

  2. Sweet post. Good life is not too complicated. Sometimes it takes time for some people to realize how good their lives are. Not you. You know.

  3. So true Dana! It’s so important that we realize even when life seems to turn is a direction we aren’t happy about, all we need to look at someone else and realize how lucky we are! Happy New Year!

  4. That you recognize how joy filled your life is that it brings tears to yours eyes makes you an extraordinary person. It is my pleasure to know you if only through writing.

  5. Precious words. Me? I may have been crying first about my girls growing up, then the realization of this good life we live. I hope you were able to explain your tears of joy to your friends! They need to know about these “beautifully ordinary moments” that they are apart of … well, they might still think that’s the beer talking. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Less is more. I wish more people in our country would realize this as well. We have so much to be grateful for. May I suggest that you read Barbara Ehrenreich’s recent article in the NY Times on “gratitude.” It’s about taking gratitude to the next level by helping others. I found it to be very thought provoking. Hope you do as well.

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