Routine Interrupted

I have our morning routine planned down to the minute.  I head up the stairs at 6:20 a.m. to wake Maddie and Katie and get them dressed.

Unless Katie refuses to get out of bed, turning her body into a limp noodle when I try to pick her up.  Attempting to hide her smirk, she keeps her eyes closed tight against my pleas to wake up, Katiebug!  I catch her peeking up at me and tickle her awake.

Unless Maddie gets a case of the sillies and decides to pretend she is a roly-poly.  She rolls over to her sink to brush her teeth, then rolls over to the sock drawer to choose a pair of pink socks.  Giggling the entire time, she ignores my pleas to hurry up, Maddie.  She sees me stifle my own giggle and roly-polys into the hallway.

I have our morning routine planned down to the second.  Girls dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed.  We head downstairs for breakfast at exactly 6:50 a.m.

Unless Katie wants to check the weather out her bedroom window.  I pick her up and we look.  Katie wonders where is the sun, Mommy?  I know we should hurry downstairs to eat, but she still fits so perfectly in my arms and her curly hair is tickling my face and she smells like fresh air just like Katie always does.  So we stand and we look and we wonder about the sun.

Unless Maddie begs me to please put braids in her hair.  I comb her long hair and I begin to braid.  I know we don’t have time for braids, but I also know once I start braiding, she’ll start talking.  She will tell me about her plans at school today and we will talk about friends and books and games and choosing kind.  So I braid and we talk and she is happy.

I have our morning routine planned down to the smallest detail.  We put on our shoes and coats at 7:15.

Unless Katie doesn’t like the pink shoes and wants the purple coat instead and tells me she can zip up the zipper all by herself.  I tap my foot with impatience but then I still myself as I marvel at her independence.  She is only three, yet she is filled with confidence.  I watch as she shrugs her backpack onto her back and… well, I’ll be… she can do the zipper all by herself!

Unless Maddie is finishing her waffle but needs more syrup and more apples, too.  I quickly grab the syrup when I hear Oops! and turn to watch Maddie’s cup of milk go crashing to the floor.  Maddie looks at me with tears in her eyes and whispers I’m sorry, Mommy.  I offer her a heartfelt smile and tell her it’s okay, accidents certainly happen.  I sing as I clean up the spill and tell her don’t worry, sweetheart and she smiles back.

At 7:25 I drop them off at daycare and start my commute to work.  I press play on my audio book, but I’m not really listening.  I am lost in thought, remembering my conversation with Maddie as I braided her hair and Katie’s sweet scent as we wondered about the sun.

Share your Slice of Life Story today at Two Writing Teachers

Share your Slice of Life Story today at Two Writing Teachers


93 thoughts on “Routine Interrupted

  1. Just precious, grab those moments. They’ll grow up so quick and then will be so distracted by their own morning thoughts that they won’t play these games anymore. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it 🙂

  2. People are constantly giving me excuses for being late to work. Constantly. They are such stupid excuses, too. I wish, just once, they’d give a charming excuse like yours. That would be such and awesome start to the day!

  3. Dana!

    I am a male, shouldn’t be commenting. I just started reading it thinking of something dramatic might happen.

    But when I finished reading it, I understood how a Mom’s heart is intertwined with her children, that it literally interrupts her routine in their absence!

    Fabulous write up. Thanks for sharing it…

  4. This is so sweet. The ending was unexpected and the best part is that you embraced the craziness that is life with kids every morning and focused on how beautiful it is to have children and to share these moments (no matter how minimal) with our children and our loved ones overall. It was very sweet!

  5. this is so perfect. perfectly interrupted also if i might add. your girls are so fortunate to have a mom like you that will be willingly “interrupted” without hesitation.

    keep smiling and laughing,

  6. This is a perfect picture of days with children. Nothing is ever really routine. Each moment is special you just have to take the time to see it!! Wonderfully written!

  7. Dana, you should really treasure the time and moments you get with your daughters.

    I wish I could spend more time with my mum. I learnt being independent many, many years back when my mum gave birth to my younger siblings (I was 9 then, but am 17 now)

    Even to this day, I nag at her for not.spending more time with us. Sometimes, after a long and hard day at school, all I want is someone to talk to about how my day went. But she is either always busy with the younger kids or too tired, that I have no choice but to turn to my friends.

    These growing up years are the most important years in your children’s life. Be there for them every step of the way and spend as much time possible with them so that once they grow up, you won’t have any regrets.

    Take care!

  8. I loved your post! I hope my morning routines will be similar when I have little ones of my own! 😉
    And not to ruin this whole comment (I really did comment because I liked it), I am just including the link to my blog that I recently started, and that has a couple morning routines too actually 😛 Just of a different kind! I will appreciate you reading some posts of mine! 🙂

  9. I loved you’re post.
    I’m not a mum yet but your post is like a look inside the workings of the mind of a mum. Makes me wonder if my mum ever did that?

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