To See the Moon

We put the kids to bed at 8:00 like we do every school night.  I took a shower, and then I was in the kitchen washing dishes and preparing lunches for Monday.  I turned off the faucet and listened.  Did I hear Maddie talking?

I followed her voice to the front door and stopped.  There they sat, Maddie and Daddy, on the front porch gazing up at the moon.  I stood listening, trying to peer out into the darkness through the screen of the door.

“So,” I heard my husband tell her, “people from all over the world can see the moon, just like us.”

“Even in Ireland?” Maddie asked.

“Yep, even in Ireland.”

“Even in Indiana?”


I opened the door and stepped outside.  Maddie sat close to her daddy, her legs tucked inside her nightgown.  They were both turned towards the moon.

“I thought you were sleeping,” I said to Maddie.

“Daddy came and got me,” she smiled.  “We’re watching the eclipse of the supermoon!  It’s getting covered in the Earth’s shadow.  Katie is still asleep cuz she’s too little.”

I stood on the porch for a couple more minutes, but then I excused myself to go finish my work in the kitchen.

This was their time, their moment.

I hope Maddie remembers.  I hope she remembers the night when she was five years old and Daddy got her out of bed to sit on the front porch and look at the moon.

Share your Slice of Life Story today at Two Writing Teachers

Share your Slice of Life Story today at Two Writing Teachers


16 thoughts on “To See the Moon

  1. Melting. Those moments are the kind that make you feel like your heart is bursting. I always wonder how it’s possible to love people that much. Thank you for sharing. I hope she remembers it too.

  2. Aaaah, I love this! You totally captured a few moments in time. I am sure she will remember. How generous of you to bow out and let it be their moment- your words painted the picture well.

  3. My daughter, son-in-law came to watch with me the other night, & we said the same thing, especially about Ingrid (six), wonder if she will remember? What a special thing your husband did. It certainly was exciting for me, a ‘picture book’ time.

  4. She will remember –not only that moment but to always stop and take the time to appreciate the moments that happen. Too often kids are not shown how to slow down and take time to truly experience life –she is learning that as well. Thank you for sharing.

  5. My folks woke me up to see the eclipse too – but in England it was about 3am! I’m glad I got to see it though, and I’m glad Maddie did too 🙂 I remember being woken up as a kid to watch hedgehogs in the garden – pretty sure she’ll remember the time she was woken up for the eclipse (although you might feature as the bad fairy who wanted her to sleep through it – just warning you :))

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