Chasing Moments

The truth is, I have no stories.

I only have moments.

There was that moment before we left for my cousin’s wedding.  I walked out of my bedroom, my hair in loose curls and my perfume spritzed delicately on my wrist.  Maddie pleaded, “Please don’t leave again, Mommy” and I felt like I could cry.

There was that moment after we scrambled to get the girls to their early morning soccer games.  I sat on the sidelines, cold and tired, watching Katie play.  I noticed how she scampered, rather than ran down the field, her brown curls blowing wildly in the breeze.  

There was that moment when my mom stopped in for an unexpected visit and I had to temporarily suspend my grocery shopping and laundry plans.  I sipped my coffee and chatted and laughed, ignoring the heap of dirty clothes in my peripheral vision.

There was that moment when I sat in my car in the parking lot of my school, wondering if women really can have it all.  I sat and stared out the window and took a few deep breaths.  I wondered if I’m the only one who finds this ‘working mom’ gig nearly impossible.

I have these moments that hold the potential for stories.  But  I am not living like a writer, not savoring the details, not slowing down to look for the stories in my life.  I am just chasing moments, trying to catch them before they disappear.

Share your Slice of Life Story today at Two Writing Teachers

Share your Slice of Life Story today at Two Writing Teachers


12 thoughts on “Chasing Moments

  1. I find your post so genuinely true and relateable – we all have moments, but we forget to pay attention to the details. As a stroke of inspiration, you now have 4 stories that you can tell later. Good Luck!

  2. Chasing moments seems to be what my daughter does, too, Dana, so busy. It’s great that you’re finding the time to share these important parts of your life. These snippets will bring the ‘whole’ story right back.

  3. The working mom gig is SO HARD!!!! We wish we could tell you it gets easier as they get older, but we have both found it gets more difficult. They need more from you as they get older. We have tried to set priorities professionally to make our home life more sane, but it is so hard. A wise professor once told us, “A career is a very long thing. Make decisions based on where you are right now.”

    Cherish those moments and don’t underestimate them — you are doing just fine!! (and so are your kids!)
    Clare and Tammy

  4. We are all chasing moments, holding on to them as best we can. You post connected to Margaret’s today – I’m thinking that those moments are like buttons in a jar, and we have stories when we can link a few. The working mom gig is hard, because we can’t have it all. But, we can make the best of the choices before us, that’s all we can do.

  5. I miss you! So happy I stumbled on this post today. Savor those moments, and revisit the memories, those we’ll have forever. This working mom business is impossible to master. But you’re proof that living it is possible! Keep writing, I’ll visit again. See you around!

  6. If we continue to chase moments then we don’t develop a savor the moments attitude. Life is filled with moments to stop and reflect upon. I guess that is in the background of my mind when I just want to capture a moment and hold onto it forever. Photography helps me do that as words circle around the image. Thank you for the inspiration piece today, Dana.

  7. Those moments remind me of moments I have lived and still live! My children are sons, and both are in high school; but balancing it all sometimes seems more like juggling than balancing. You are doing a wonderful job of not only capturing those moments in your writing, but also living them!

  8. I am not so sure I agree with you. I think you are living like a writer. You are noticing. Our stories are made of moments. You do a beautiful job of capturing them with a spare and precise style.

  9. Oh, Dana, I can so relate. I have the same moments, not stories. (Yet, your slice is still am amazing piece of writing!) I have the same worries and wonders about balancing this life of Mom and Teacher and being everything to everyone — except myself, I must admit. I wrote about my some days today that are quickly becoming one day … I reminded myself and gave myself permission to slow down as well. We can do this. We just need a little reminder now and again. 🙂

  10. I’m right there with you, Dana. It’s the start of the year, so I’m hoping, crossing fingers that everything will settle a bit when my new job isn’t so new, when Lily’s new school isn’t so new, when the babysitter, and after school, and everything become more of a routine. I’m hoping things get just a tiny bit easier for you too!

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