At the Lake House

Join the Slice of Life Story link-up at the Two Writing Teachers.

Join the Slice of Life Story link-up at the Two Writing Teachers.

It’s official.  This weekend we purchased a second home.  We are the proud owners of a tiny house which sits on a channel which flows from a large lake in Indiana.  Maybe the house is a bit run down and maybe it’s not very spacious.  But to us, it is a dream come true.  Our lake house.

At the lake house, the neighbors are friendly.  Everyone has the time and the inclination to chat.  They ask where we are from, they tell us our girls are so cute, and they holler, “Welcome to the lake!” as they wave to us from across the channel.

At the lake house, the bedrooms have bunk beds.  This is apparently the greatest thing to ever have happened in Maddie and Katie’s lives, ever.

At the lake house, I am nervous the girls will fall in the water.  I declare new family rules such as the you-can-never-go-down-by-the-water-without-Mommy-or-Daddy-ever-no-matter-what rule.  Maddie and Katie nod their heads solemnly and this makes me feel a bit better.

At the lake house, we are far from home.  The drive takes over two hours, and I am so content in the passenger seat with a book in my lap and a mug of coffee at my side.  He drives, they watch a movie, and I read.  For me, getting there is half the fun.

At the lake house, we are living on lake time.  Turns out it’s the best kind of time.  No work, no emails, no alarm clocks.  The pace is slow and the day is long.  No one is in a hurry at the lake house.

At the lake house, we can walk down to the park or over to the beach.  Brave Maddie already climbed the monkey bars and joyful Katie squealed, “Push me, Daddy!” from the swings.  The beach is sandy and serene and beautiful.

At the lake house, we are going to make memories.  “Your girls are a perfect age for this,” a new neighbor told me.  “They’ll grow up here, and they will love the lake, always.”   I hope you do, Maddie and Katie.  I hope you love it at our lake house, always.

At the lake house, we made our dreams come true.

Lake House


23 thoughts on “At the Lake House

  1. Congratulations Dana! The lake house “lifestyle” sound a lot like retirement in New Mwxico. Enjoy and start the memories flowing!

  2. You know I’m going to have to live vicariously through your lake adventures this summer, right?

    This is a dream come true for you guys. To be a second home owner before your 40th birthday is quite impressive, Dana! Congrats!

  3. Sounds like you have the perfect second home for yourself and your family. May you have many happy times and make many wonderful memories at your new home. Congratulations.

  4. It sounds idyllic. I am more than a little jealous. The girls are going to have such fond memories of the time you spend there. Maybe they will post about it when they are older.

  5. You are so blessed to be able to have a place to escape to, and build family memories at. Do you ever feel like there is a certain place along the drive that you drop of your troubles, and pick them back up again on the drive home? On our way to our mountain escape, there is a big toll. We joke that we are paying them to take our troubles for the weekend along with the use of their road.

  6. I loved the repeating line of “at the lake house” followed by the description of its specialness. What memories you will create! Such a joy to have a place to enjoy for years. Congrats Dana!

  7. Congratulations! This post gave me goose bumps…just thinking about the realization of a dream and the many memories you will make at the lake house. The sincerity of your writing rang out from the page. I really enjoyed this slice!

  8. Oh to have a lake house! That’s my dream too. I feel exactly as you do. We rent a cabin on a lake and it’s the best. We think of it all year long. But to go more than two weeks of the year…bliss. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Love your repeated phrase “At the lake house…” It reminds me of Rylant’s In November. I wish you lots of luck and wonderful memories. It sounds perfect!

  10. Oh Dana, there’s so much joy in this post! You have really conveyed the emotions of a DREAM COME TRUE!!! I love the lines, ” For me, getting there is half the fun.” and “…we are living on lake time. Turns out it’s the best kind of time.” I can’t wait to read more posts about life at the lake!!!

  11. I feel like I have been traveling on this Lake House journey with you for a few months….perhaps it is my own longing for the potential this Lake House offers…potential for joy and together time…away from the stress of every day life 2 hours away.

  12. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your family, Dana. We have wonderful memories from summers spent at my in-laws lakeside cabin in Maine, and I know you’ll have many, too.

  13. I loved this post, Dana. The repetition of “at the lake house” was perfect–setting it apart from your everyday world and emphasizing this new wonderful place in your life. I could totally see this as a picture book with each page beginning that way. What a wonderful choice you’ve made for your family! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

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