Just Yike the Teacher

In the beginning, Katie would sit criss-cross applesauce reading a book just “yike the teacher.”  You know, like the teacher reads, holding the book face-out so the class can see the pictures.  I would often find Katie in a room by herself, flipping the pages, reading to her imaginary class.

Then, Katie must have decided she needed a student.  I would sometimes catch her reading to her captive audience of Curious George or Clifford or sometimes even Queen Elsa.  Katie would dutifully turn the pages and retell familiar stories to her sole student.

Curious George listens to a story.

Curious George listens to a story.

Then, I suppose Katie felt she needed a bigger audience.  I walked into the playroom one day to find Katie reading yike the teacher to a room full of pillows.  “Hi, Katie.  Whatcha doin’?” I asked.

“Weeding to my too-dents.”

“Your students?” I repeated.

“There,” Katie said, pointing to the pillows.  Katie sat (just yike the teacher) sharing her favorite books with her imaginary students.

Katie reads to the pillows.

Katie reads to the pillows.

Shortly thereafter, Katie must have realized we sure do have a lot of stuffed animals in our house.  Suddenly, upon each pillow sat a different stuffed animal, listening contentedly to Katie’s stories.  The animals perched upon child-sized chairs, blankets, cushions, doll strollers, and whatever else Katie could find around the house.  If she was a real teacher, she may have started to complain about class size.  Her audience of too-dents sure had grown!

I thought she just couldn’t get any cuter or any more serious about reading yike the teacher until last night when my husband and I were cleaning up the playroom.  Katie’s class sat frozen in time, waiting for their teacher to return.  “What’s this?” I heard my husband say.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Each of the stuffed animals – every dog, monkey, turtle, bear, rabbit and cat – was holding a pencil.

I guess Katie is going to start giving homework.


17 thoughts on “Just Yike the Teacher

  1. Geez. How do you do it? I realize you have the cutest of subjects to write about – but you take an obviously cute story and cuten it up even more beyond what we thought was possible! Dana, You tell a story so beautifully. Cutest Katiebug ever!

  2. Well this is just too cute! Beautifully told. Hope you’ll share this with her when she’s all grown up. How cool it would be if she becomes a teacher!

  3. This story just makes my heart smile! I work specifically with first-year teachers, right out of college, and every year when we interview we ask why they want to be a teacher. I pick the ones who say they were like your daughter when they were kids every single time because I know they’re going to be the best teachers. Such a cute story–thanks for sharing!

  4. A. Dor. A. Ble. This is so precious. I’m sure that when Katie actually has her own classroom and becomes teacher of the year, she will be tickled pink to read this blog post. She is such a natural–especially if she has them writing already!

  5. Homework!!! I’m sitting here laughing to myself. What a great way to end such an endearing piece. All parents should experience these types of “surprises”. They give insight into who the child before them is as a person. Katie is definitely showing her nurturing side.

  6. Dana,
    So perfect! The homework involves writing! SMART!!!! So cute, Katie! I “yike” her read alouds – such an attentive group!

    Thanks for letting us peek in!

  7. Oh my goodness……Another treasure!!. You must put all of your slices and bind them into beautiful leather bound books for the girls…..Your children are so very lucky to have a mommy that writes down all of these delightful tales of childhood…..right down the the words they speak!! Absolutely precious, your Katie,,your Maddie, your slices.

  8. This is awesome! I love how the kids are like sponges and watch every move their teachers make. My girls used to do the same thing. I love that you write how she talks – it adds so much to the story! The pencils – great ending!

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