Sweetness and Sass

I’ve often said my Katie is equal parts of sweetness and sass.

She is sweet as she crawls into my lap for a cuddle when we get home from school each afternoon.  She is sass when she extends her leg to kick Maddie who is also looking for a cuddle with Mommy.

She is sweet when she sits with determination and tries to buckle her shoes.  She is sass when she barks, “I wanna do it how I wanna do it!” when I reach down to help.

She is sweet when she whispers “I tired, Mommy” as bedtime approaches.  She is sass when she hides behind the shower curtain and refuses to come out and brush her teeth.

That’s my Katie, all sweetness and sass.

I sat and watched her last evening at the Happy Books, Happy Cooks class at the local library.  Too shy to speak, Katie sat timidly at the edge of the carpet.  The librarian asked the kids what they would like to be when they get older, and I noticed sweet Katie was just taking it all in.  Katie’s eyes darted from child to child as each shared their life’s ambitions.  She had the sweetest look on her face, and I remember wishing I had brought my phone in so I could capture a picture of her sweet face.  She looked so pensive, so thoughtful.  “Sweet, sweet, Katie,” I thought to myself.  “So shy and quiet in this group.”

“Well, thank you, boys and girls,” the librarian said.  “Next week, we will – ”

“HEY!” Katie yelled.  Everyone turned to look at her.  “YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry,” smiled the librarian, but I could tell she was startled by Katie’s loud and demanding tone.  “What do you want to be when you get older, sweetheart?”

“A witch,” answered Katie, a devilish grin upon her face.  I swear I heard her cackle.

Like I said, she’s equal parts sweetness and sass.

Katie and Maddie

8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Join at Two Writing Teachers.

8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Join at Two Writing Teachers.


12 thoughts on “Sweetness and Sass

  1. I love reading your slices about your daughters. This one certainly started my day with a chuckle! You set up the reader beautifully. I thought the demanding tone and the librarian’s surprise was the “punchline, ” but the follow-up with the witch comment (and cackle) was delicious! You do a lovely job weaving your thoughts into the piece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A witch! That wasn’t what I expected. Talk about a surprise ending!

    I think Katie and Isabelle should meet. They sound so similar (& would be good friends and spar all at once).

  3. What a wonderful look at your beautiful daughter. I loved her spunk as she made sure her voice was heard. A witch, what a wonderful response; a good witch with just a bit of sass.

  4. This is hilarious! I love how you ended this with a little surprise at the end! I love asking my niece and nephews what they want to be when they grow up because their answers are always hilarious.

  5. What a great combination! Those two traits will get her through life just fine. Also, the part about her that watches carefully and listens to what others are saying – so important. She’s a thinker, that one!

  6. OMG – that’s hilarious. You had me laughing out loud! I like the contrast throughout with specific examples of each. I could see this in my own child! Another wonderful, full but concise story!

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